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  1. MushReen

    Layout Changing Plugin Similar to Luna Engine

    Well, hello! I've been working a game project, and I want to change the game's GUI. I've searched the google and found Luna Engine, but it's for VXAce. Meanwhile, I'm using RMMV as my main game engine. Any similar plugin like Luna Engine, but compatible with RMMV? Or Luna Engine has RMMV...
  2. MushReen

    Granblue Fantasy Player, anyone?

    Uh... Hello! So, I've been playing this game (Granblue Fantasy) in my free time or while working on my projects, and I'm wondering, are the people in the RPG Maker forum play this game too? Who knows, I meet an old player and maybe I could ask some of the questions about that game. Thanks!
  3. MushReen

    Hello again, world!

    Hey, hey! It's me! Your fellow mate! Well, I've been inactive for at least 2 weeks. Actually, I had a quite awesome vacation! I've been to many places and more! I'd really like to share some of my experiences but yeah, right after I got home, my clients suddenly called me and they said that...
  4. MushReen

    Inflict State After Attack With Chance?

    Hello! So, I've been developing games with quite complicated database. I've come to a problem, actually. I made a skill with inflicting state to enemy after attack, so I use this formula. b.addState(x); (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2) * 2 But I want one of the skill has chance to inflict the state to...
  5. MushReen

    Will Away For Winter Holiday

    Greetings! Also, Hello! Well, the winter holiday is coming and I'm about to going somewhere else. I'll be away from any of my projects and I'll be inactive on this forum for awhile. I'll start my winter vacation at 15th December, and going home at 4th January next year. There are some days...
  6. MushReen

    A script that will give questions into the battle.

    Hello! Uh.. I've been busy making educational games lately, with such a flat and generic systems. I do have an idea, actually. I need a script that will give such questions to the player. For example, the Player is on a battle. To attack, one should answer a math question. If one failed, one...
  7. MushReen

    FREE Swords and Gods

    Disclaimer: This project contains fictional elements of religion-related. Swords and Gods Engine: Synopsis: Roles Needed: My Roles:
  8. MushReen

    RMMV Swords and Gods Prologue Edition

    Disclaimer: This game contains fictional elements of religion-related. SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK MEET THE CHARACTERS SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT Note:
  9. MushReen

    Reducing Game's Size by Compressing?

    Hello! I'm on a strict deadline (again) due to my pushy client. They wants an RPG game with low size which is suitable for android games. I did completed the project, but when it comes to sending the file, they rejected it because of the size (which is too big for them). I tried to delete some...
  10. MushReen

    Confused About The Audio Library

    Hello! I'm currently converting my game to .apk with Android Studio. To compress the size used, I delete some of the unused libraries (because checking "Exclude Unused Files" on Deployment deletes my "not default libraries") and I figured out the audio file takes lots of sizes, so I delete the...
  11. MushReen

    Creating in-game ads?

    Hello! I'm trying to export my project to Android version and followed this tutorial: It succeed. But my games are non-commercial and I'm about to release it on Playstore. In order to...
  12. MushReen

    Android Control Button

    Hello! I'm about to release my very first project to Android Version. But I need on-screen control just like the common RPG games. I do found one, and currently using it. It is Yanfly Picture Common Event. But I realize that the plugin has some minorities such as the button will disappear when...
  13. MushReen

    Best Action Battle System (ABS)?

    Hello! I'm currently on my side project to make a dungeon crawler game with Action Battle System instead of Turn-Based one. I've already got the plugin. It is Quasi ABS and also Quasi Movement. But I found that the plugin doesn't compatible with Yanfly plugins. So, I'm about to find a new ABS...
  14. MushReen

    How to make a random dungeon

    Hello! :kaohi: I'm on a small project to make a Dungeon Crawler game right now. I want to make every single floor has randomized maps so that'll give more challenges to the player. Is there any plugin/script to do that? Thanks! :kaojoy:
  15. MushReen

    Scariest VN?

    Hello! So, I've heard about a new VN around steam. It's called Doki Doki Literature Club or I'll just make it short to DDLC. Some of my friends had played it and they said it's a scary VN. I tried to browse DDLC's playthrough on Youtube and it does scary. The VN itself breaks the fourth wall...
  16. MushReen

    How do I make a loading screen?

    Hello! Guys, I made a game and already uploaded the web version. But when it comes to load the game, it just shows a static image from Loading Screen image that I have made. It keeps like that until the game starts, maybe? So the question is, how do I make it like... Has percentage and...
  17. MushReen

    Best Job(?)

    Hello! So, I'm a student and also part-time job IT teacher somewhere in a school. But my salary isn't enough to cover my fees.:kaophew: I'm about to ask for a promotion to my boss and I was wondering, if I quit from this job, what job would be the best for me? I can do IT tasks such as...
  18. MushReen

    Recommended Fantasy / Medieval themed Musics

    Hello! I need a music recommendation for my project. The theme itself should be Fantasy / Medieval. I have searched for around 2 days on Google and I just confused which one is good for my project. Thanks!
  19. MushReen

    Will DragonBones Integration Plugin works well to allies?

    Hello! I have a question. So as you know, Yanfly has a plugin which allows DragonBones to work with RMMV. ( In the preview video, DragonBones Integration Plugin is able to change the enemy's animation. I wonder if it...
  20. MushReen

    [MV] Looking for abandoned mine themed tilesets and sprites.

    Hello! I'm currently planning on a Dungeon Crawler project. The game takes place on an abandoned mine somewhere. Although the default tilesets is available for me to use, I want to make the game's resources more less generic. Is there any tilesets recommendations? Thanks.

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