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  1. icerose05

    Picture Sliding Puzzle

    I'm trying out a picture sliding puzzle, and for those of you that don't know what his is, you have a series of tiles mixed up on the ground, and you only have one space free to move the tiles, and you have to put the tiles together to create a picture. I've been trying to figure it out myself...
  2. icerose05

    Games Based Off of Creepypasta?

    I've had two ideas for games based off of Creepypastas, and I am debating whether going through with making these games because I don't own the stories and I can't seem to get permission to use them. The first one is based off of One More For the Orphan:  This story was written May 6, 2008...
  3. icerose05

    Mirror Two Rooms to Look Exactly Alike

    In The Witch's House and Mad Father, there is a puzzle where you have to make two rooms look exactly the same. How would I do this?
  4. icerose05

    Simple Player HP Bar Display or Picture Stays on Screen Script

    I want something like this  where if you walk into a place that has monsters, an HP Bar instantly shows up and stays on the screen, and when you are hit by the monster through an event, your HP lowers. 
  5. icerose05

    After Effects of Button Mashing

    I have a button mashing event where you have to press the Z button to get a monster off you. The event works fine until it is done and the player goes out of the room, but when they enter the room again, the monster and the health bar are still there, and the fight music is still playing. I...
  6. icerose05

    Need a Praying Mantis Sprite

    I've got a bug world in my game and I need one. Does a praying mantis sprite already exist, or could some make me one please? Thank you in advance.
  7. icerose05

    Need Tiles for A Titanic Map

    I'm making a game for my friend for her birthday, where she and her friends go back in time to the titanic. Can someone direct me to some metal ship tile sets please?
  8. icerose05

    Two Games in One?

    If any of you have seen the game Misao, you know there is a "Truth" option, where you can learn what really happened with all of Misao's bullies, and the teacher. Technically, I guess you could say that it is two games in one. Is it possible to do this in RPG Maker VX Ace? It would be really...
  9. icerose05

    Alice in Wonderland Sprites and Tiles

    Yay! Time for a new project! I would love it if someone could make or direct me to some tilesets or sprites related to Alice in Wonderland. I already have Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, those common sprites, so that's not a problem. But I'd love to find something like the giant...
  10. icerose05

    Mad Hatter Spite?

    EDIT: Nevermind someone helped me out. This post can be deleted. I need a Mad Hatter sprite in MACK/Loose leaf sprite, and I'd like him to look more like Tim Burton's version. Would someone be so kind as to make one for me please?
  11. icerose05

    What quality should your game be to be considered for commercial?

    Obviously, the game should be really good, great story line, no bugs, stuff like that. I think I have an awesome game, pretty good quality, and even though it's not done yet I know I want to sell it. And I'm not talking like the normal $15 - $30, I'm thinking like $2 - $5. But I keep thinking...
  12. icerose05

    Need a Flying Book Sprite

    I need a flying book, like it's pages and covers act as wings and they can fly? Will someone be willing to make a sprite set for me, or tell me where I can find one if one was already made? I don't think it would be that hard, and I'd make it myself, but I suck majorly at making sprites.
  13. icerose05

    Ideas For Horror Events in Secret Passages

    Here's the deal: In this horror game, the player ends up in a library looking for the character's kidnapped girlfriend. Their only clue is that she is in one of the secret passages within the building. I would like to pick your brains for horror events that could happen in these, cold dark, dank...
  14. icerose05

    Sprite Witch Hat Request

    I would like a little witch's hat for my sprite, and it will be used commercially. I need a side view and a front/back view, please. If someone could find or make this for me, I will greatly appreciate it.
  15. icerose05

    Candy Land/Gingerbread Parallax Tiles?

    I need a set of candy land or gingerbread house parallax tiles. You know, gingerbread walls with frosting boarders, giant candy canes, licorice chairs, gumdrops, candy decorations? I'm making a map inspired by the witch's gingerbread house from the fairytale Hansel and Gretel. Has anyone made a...
  16. icerose05

    Image Overlay with Large Parallax Maps

    Trust me, I checked all over the internet before coming to ask this question. I made a parallax map of a park that is 34x26 with an image overlay of all the objects I want my character to pass under. After the player transfers to this map, it's supposed to scroll down  and flash red. When it...

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