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  1. stramin

    RMMV crashes when I apply changes

    I have been having this problem for 1 year, but recently it has been more and more frequent. The engine crashes with no error message, it simply closes itself when I do any of the following: When I press "Apply" button When I change the map When I change to other database tab When I save the...
  2. stramin

    How to know if menu is enabled?

    I have some maps where the menu is not enabled (I use the "Change menu access" command for this). $gameSystem.disableMenu(); I recently made some menus accessible by keys (for example, pressing M key opens the map, pressing I key opens the inventory), now I would like to avoid this behavior...
  3. stramin

    How to make a state that lasts as long as the caster is alive

    Lets imagine an enemy snake that can use its tail to tie up an actor and immobilize her/him. The only way I can imagine this is to give the snake a skill "wrap" and this skill will cause a state "wrap", while the actor is in this state can not move. But, what happens if the snake dies? I...
  4. stramin

    RMMV Calling a move route script from a move route script button

    Hi hi! I have this function var CropGrowth = function (evid) { var tur = { code: 36, parameters: [] }; var fix = { code: 35, parameters: [] }; var end = { code: 0, parameters: [] }; var moveRoute={ list:[tur,{code:19,parameters:[]},fix,end], // face up...
  5. stramin

    RMMV How to access Yanfly getSelfVariableValue function from a movement route script?

    I made this script as a plugin: var CropGrowth = function (battles) { console.log(battles); }; it is simple, when I call it it shows me the argument on the console. I want to call this function from a movement route script calling, but the argument is a Yanfly Self Variable...
  6. stramin

    RMMV Show more than 2 state icons

    Hi RPG makers, I am using almost all the Yanfly plugins and I noticed I am using a lot of states, but there are 2 visibles. I see there is enough space on the interface for 1 or 2 states more because the actors names are usually short (around 6 characters), so I wonder, how can I show more...
  7. stramin

    RMMV Is summoned? (SRD SummonCore)

    I am using SRD SummonCore and my summons are "buildings", they are not healable using potions or magic. Now, I want to make a skill to repair them, my idea was pretty simple, use a common event, ask if any of the summonable actors (buildings) is on the party and then heal it. but it fails...
  8. stramin

    Why topics must be closed when they are solved?

    I always try following the rules, but sometimes I don't understand why they are there :kaojoy: I see some topics solved that were never closed, and nothing bad happened, they simply stopped posting there (or sometimes they even give more useful information after it was solved). Why is...
  9. stramin

    Which is the best way to move a topic from "Resource request" to "Classified"

    Sometimes I make a "Resource Request" and don't get any response, because there are no free sprites for what I am looking for, then I would like to pay someone to make it. What I usually do is to copy my topic and paste it on the Resource Request, adding the [PAID] prefix and it's done, but...
  10. stramin

    Looking for golems

    I am looking for some stone golems, I hope you can help me :kaohi: Resource Type: enemies / sv_enemies Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV, not cartoonish Description: stone golems, they can have magic lights or not, not armor, not modern artifacts, they should look ancient. Reference Images...
  11. stramin

    Download warning on Chrome on the new forum

    Since the new forum was released I has been getting an annoying warning when I try downloading anything, it happens only in this forum and is making my downloads much slower: Translation: dragon.png cannot be downloaded safely [Discard] Translation: Save / More information When I click on...
  12. stramin

    How to search in a forum by tag?

    I know this is a very noob question, but I just realized I can not search in a forum by tags... I want to hire an artist to draw some monsters for my game, I see on the classifieds forum how artists post their offers tagging them with "Art" or "Pixel art" as the Tagging guide says, but... I...
  13. stramin

    RMMV How to change character sprite to a static "walking" pose?

    I want to set my character to show a specific pose For example, I need the character to stand in this walking state: I noticed I can select a static pose on the editor but how to do it mid game?
  14. stramin

    RMMV MOG Hunter plugin crashes when loading a game

    I just installed MOG Char Particle Effects and it works fine when I start a new game, but it crashes when I continue a game: I think it creates some objects on the new game and when I load an existing game, it tries to use these objects and then crash. Do you know a way to make it work on an...
  15. stramin

    RMMV How to get the current event id?

    Is there any way to know the current event id? I mean, the event running the code. For example, I have this code in an event var this = $gameMap.event(this???); And I want to know the id of the event itself to be able to copy/respawn the event later.
  16. stramin

    Where to get RMMV busts?

    Many time ago I asked in this forum how to get Lucius bust and slimmmeiske2 told me I can find it in VN Maker, and yes! It was there, thank you so much slimmmeiske2! Now... I wonder where to find these busts: I have been looking for them on the VN Maker DLC workshop with no luck. Do you...
  17. stramin

    A good way to show tips in game

    My project has a lot of unusual battle mechanics and every actor has his own ways to be useful in battle, these mechanics are explained in the game but some people could not read them or forget them. So I want to build something to reinforce the information, and help the player to remember all...
  18. stramin

    Don't move side view battlers forward before casting a skill

    Hi everybody! I am trying to make a skill in which I need the actor to stay in place, and I wonder if there is a way to avoid the step forward movement (and back). I tried using Yanfly Action Sequences where this movement is called "PERFORM ACTION" but it seems like it can not prevent this...
  19. stramin

    Is the first enemy encounter area in your game a forest?

    I just read a topic made on 2015 where a guy talk about this and I noticed that indeed, the first enemy encounter area in my game IS a forest, and also the first enemy encounter area in many RPG games I played. This fact make me think I am not being enough creative in my game and I would like...
  20. stramin

    RMMV How to disable item action window on Yanfly Item Core?

    I like Yanfly Item Core, but there is something I don't use and I want to remove: the "Action Window". This is the item window: When I select an Item a new windows appear showing me 2 options: Use or Cancel I'd like to jump straight to the actor's window instead. On the plugin help it...

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