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  1. Indinera

    RMMZ Is there a way to do this (Visustella Options)

    Add a custom line like this?
  2. Indinera

    RMMZ Visustella inventory scrolling

    I'm using all tier 1 plugins. I've noticed something in the item menu that is not very well designed imo. If you scroll down the list of items, you'll reach the bottom (logically) and if you scroll one item too far it'll take you back to the top of the list. Fair enough but the problem is...
  3. Indinera

    RMMZ 5 playable characters with Visustella tier 1?

    Is it possible?
  4. Indinera

    RMMZ Add a Yes/No line (tied to a switch) with visustella Options core?

    Title says it all. Question blablablabla: Yes/No If Yes, switch X is ON, otherwise it's OFF. How to do that?
  5. Indinera

    RMMZ Which js file and which bit of code to edit to change the minimum damage?

    I know that this works: Math.max(a.atk-b.def,Math.randomInt(3)+1) But personally I think it eats a lot of space in a box that is already not very big to begin with. I was wondering if it's not possible to edit directly the js files so that the minimum damage is, say, random 1-4 instead of 0...
  6. Indinera

    RMMZ Set a switch ON in the damage formula

    I have this formula: b.hpRate() < 0.4 ? 3*(a.atk-b.def) : a.atk-b.def; I would like to know if it's possible to have a switch ON if the 1st condition is met, and OFF otherwise.
  7. Indinera

    RMMZ Visustella Status Core to show states resistances too?

    As I understand, it shows Elements resistances, but not States. Am I missing something? Is it possible to display states resistance too?
  8. Indinera

    RMMZ Limited amount of items in visustella shops?

    Title says it all. Is it possible to have a fixed amount of items available for selling?
  9. Indinera

    RMMZ How to have a random damage not 0?

    I'm using visustella battle core and I'm not sure what to edit so that damage 0 doesn't exist but returns a random nb between 1 and 6 instead.
  10. Indinera

    SV dragon (as character) battler?

    Is there such a thing available for commercial games? I mean the full animated MV sheet for a dragon character?
  11. Indinera

    RMMZ Hit accuracy?

    Has anyone made a plugin improving the way HIT and EVA are managed, ie tying them together so that 100% HIT strike on a 5% EVA enemy has a 5% chance of missing But 105% HIT on the same enemy will never miss. Basically a system that checks HIT - EVA instead of giving no bonus for having HIT over...
  12. Indinera

    Panorama loading is delayed

    When loading a save on a map with a panorama, said panorama is loaded with a small delay. It doesn't look too great to be honest. Is there a way to fix that?
  13. Indinera

    RMMZ No animations (fv battles)

    Is there a way so that battle animations are visible in front view battles when enemies cast their spells?
  14. Indinera

    RMMV "Star" Passability

    Has someone made a plugin so that a 48x96 tile element could be like this: ★ x But if an event is "sitting" on the x, its head is not cut off by the ★? Basically being below the ★ would mean the entire sprite is displayed above the ★. Any clues?
  15. Indinera

    Big Monsters in all 4 directions?

    Has anyone created character sets of the "big monsters" facing all directions instead of just down?
  16. Indinera

    Recovery system for lost data files?

    Like MV before, sadly MZ often messes up your files. I'm one who makes backup often but this is never going to be a perfect system in itself. I just got MZ blanking most of my data files. So instead of having content, when you click on them, they are blank. Is there a reason why this is...
  17. Indinera

    RMMV Changing the description of an item

    I'm using a lot of YEP's plugins. I'd prefer it to be permanent (ie stays if you save and switch off the game), but if that's too complicated, I'm fine with just "temporary" (ie stays as long as you do not switch off the game but is gone on loading).
  18. Indinera

    RMMZ Lighting plugin?

    Is there a lighting plugin for MZ, available for commercial games?
  19. Indinera

    RMMZ ReferenceError params is not defined

    Getting this from just adding a new Armor (simple event command). What's wrong?? EDIT: OK it's the plugin TinyGetInfoWndMZ that causes the crash...
  20. Indinera

    RMMZ Enemy spells not showing?

    I'm using the frontview battle system and whenever an enemy casts a spell, the animation isn't displayed. Isn't it intended to be like this and is there a way to fix it?

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