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  1. NeoFantasy

    NeoFantasy’s Art

    This is just a thread where I’ll be sharing some of my art with you guys. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and don’t be shy to criticize! Here’s some character art for my game and stories. Here are some more recent drawings And here are some random drawings. Here is some traditional art...
  2. NeoFantasy

    Parallel process not working.

    hello all. I'm attempting to have an event where if the player stands on a specific tile and pressed a button, a door will open. The issue is that the event where I want the player to stand is set to 'player touch' as I want it to play an se when they step on it. So I set up a parallel process...
  3. NeoFantasy

    Temple tileset (Ace)

    I'm looking for an interior tileset (Ace) of a temple to be used as a dungeon. any type of temple will do, however I'd prefer an earth/forest one. I've searched google images for a suitable set, but have been unable to find one that fits the criteria, if anyone can point me toward one it would...
  4. NeoFantasy

    Event Pathfinding

    Does anyone know of a script that would allow me to enter the coordinates of a tile (Or something to that measure) and have the player/event automatically find their way to said location as opposed to entering the movement route manually?
  5. NeoFantasy

    How do you go about making huge maps

    When designing open areas in my games, I tend to make them a series of interconnected maps (Think like the Original Zelda) However, I’ve been far more ambitious in my new title and designing open areas my old way isn’t giving me the scope I’m looking for. I’m currently working on a 100x100 map...
  6. NeoFantasy

    Editors freeze after play testing (Ace)

    I’m having an odd issue with rpgmakerVx Ace. Whenever I playtest the game with an external monitor attached to my laptop, the Editor will freeze and become unresponsive the moment I stop Playtesting. There has been one or two occasions where this hasn’t happened, but it’s been a pain to have...
  7. NeoFantasy

    Hair for a sprite (Vx Ace) request

    Hello everyone. I’ve ran into a little wall while working on my project and that wall is the fact that I suck at pixel art. I can manage with GCH however, I need an original hair style for one of the main characters. What I need: A custom hair style for a vxace sized character (I’m using...
  8. NeoFantasy

    Injured Sprite.

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone wouldwould be able to make this sprite look as if she were limping while walking, perhaps with a bit of blood on her leg as well. If this is impossible to do with Ace's sprite, instead of her leg being injured it would be her arm (With her supporting it)...
  9. NeoFantasy

    How to stay motivated?

    I'm not sure if what I'm about to write will make any sense, and this is entirely out of impulse...but I wanted to know if any of you have felt this way. I've come to realize that I lose the motivation to work on things much faster now. Two years ago when I was inspired to write something, I...
  10. NeoFantasy

    Horror window skin

    Hey guys, I recently started work on a horror fan game, but I am in need of a horror window skin. I've tried looking online but only found a very limited amount and none seemed to fit what I was looking for. I'm looking for something like this. I'm using Vx Ace Thank you in advanced  :D
  11. NeoFantasy

    Crumbling floor?

    Hey guys. I'm trying to make an event where the floor will crumble away during an earthquake, but really have no idea how to accomplish it. The only thing I can think of doing right now is fading out and switching to other maps, each with more of the floor having crumbled away. The only...
  12. NeoFantasy

    Store coupon not working

    Hey everyone. I tried using the new coupon that was released with Frontier Works new pack, but everytime I try to apply to coupon I get the message "The coupon code you entered doesn't exist. Please try again. Coupon codes are not case sensitive." I've tried copy and pasting the code, as...
  13. NeoFantasy

    Allowing the player to name characters?

    Do you guys prefer naming the protagonists, or having them already named? My game start off with the player naming two of the main characters, but without the player being able to customize them I find it feels kind of pointless. So do you see a point in allowing the player to name these...
  14. NeoFantasy

    Sci-fi door sfx

    Hey everybody  :D I've started work on a sci-fi game recently and I am in need a door opening sound effect. That typical sound effect you'd hear when someone opens a futuristic sliding door. Thank you in advance  :D
  15. NeoFantasy

    Weird screen scrolling plus tile looping

    Hey everybody. I recently started a new project in Ace and when I began playtesting it, I noticed some weird issues. For starters the map seems to repeat itself without the loop function being activated and secondly whenever the screen is supposed to scroll (Which it shouldn't in such a small...
  16. NeoFantasy

    Recoloring a face set.

    Hello everyone...when it comes to coloring...I'm not the one you want in charge. I've been trying on and off for a few months now to change her hair color from blonde to black however, my skills in Gimp just aren't good enough. So I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to...
  17. NeoFantasy

    A simple Icon request

    Hey everyone. In my game one of the main characters use a Katana they found buried in a cave as a weapon. This is no ordinary sword however, as it binds itself to the spirit of whoever picks it up and grants them some pretty cool powers. For the longest time I've been using the Katana icon that...
  18. NeoFantasy

    Help re-naming some characters

    So naming people has never been my forte and I don't think that's ever been more evident than with the names of the characters in my first game. Since most of them are bound to make reappearances in the sequel I think now's a better time than ever to give them better, less generic names, the...
  19. NeoFantasy

    Face edit

    So I made this request a while ago but it had to be closed because Kaduki wasn't around, but now that he's back I'd like to request it again. I need someone to make me an edit of this face so she has a look of pure hatred and anger. Imagine you met the person you hate most in the world and all...
  20. NeoFantasy

    What's your least favorite anime(s)?

    So after watching and having a rant fest with a friend of mine  I began to wonder what my least favortie anime was but truth betold I haven't seen that many anime so i've probably missed the actual bad ones. Anyway my least favorite anime would have to be soul eater and for one...

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