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  1. Nova By Creative Robot

    Ongoing game genre novel : MMORPG Connected Worlds

    Hello, I recently got deep into writing and I'm pretty sure It's the one job I hope to have as my living. A brief background about me. I got addicted into Dota and other games for 7 years during Highschool - college, nearly failed to graduate on time, (But I kicked ass in programming related...

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here's another RPG Maker remake idea: "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties". I'll salute to whomever does this
I won't finish it today, I only will have time to work on that next Saturday, what a shame... :(
I made something for @LittenDev [as he requested]
It's been a weird while. I've been so torn down that even playing video games has been something I avoided. But I shouldn't forget two things. One, I love RPG Maker for a reason. Two, only way to eat an elephant is a bite at a time.

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