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  1. Tsukimi-neko

    Screen Effect Filter MZ (FilterControllerMZ)

    Screen Effect Filter MZ FilterControllerMZ.js ◆ Plugin Overview Totally 25 types of screen effect filters ready for RPG Maker MZ! Just one command, and you can create/modify/delete those fancy and beautiful screen effects to brush your game up! Even more, this plugin fully used the new...
  2. Tsukimi-neko

    Particle Emitter - easy making particle effects in MV!

    ParticleEmitter.js v0.1.2 Tsukimi Last updated: 2018/07/29: add demo sample project Introduction PIXI has particles inside but hard to use in RMMV interface. This plugin provide a simple interface to make particle systems. Features - Simple Creating and setting parameters of...
  3. Tsukimi-neko

    Another-style choice list

    TKM_ChoiceList v1.0.1 Tsukimi(cji3bp62000) last update: 2018/02/28 ・add 'text alignment' parameter. Introduction Another style of choice list! I loved the style of Rune Factory's choice list. So I decide to make it. ※The design of this choice list isn't done by me Features - gives each...
  4. Tsukimi-neko

    change animation frame rate

    AnimationFrameRate v1.0.0 Tsukimi (cji3bp62000) Introduction Some animation is designed to play 20 frames-per-sec, but RM default plays animation with 15 frames-per-sec. With this plugin, you can change it to the Frame Rate you like for each animation. example: ANIMATIONS COLLECTION I...
  5. Tsukimi-neko

    Pixi Filter Controller - fancy screen effects by pixi (MZ version released!)

    Filter Controller v2.0.9 Tsukimi (cji3bp62000)   For anyone who is interested in this plugin but using RPG Maker MZ, there is a MZ version right HERE! last updated: 2018/03/13 minor update: update embedded PIXI.filters to v2.6.0 no any change on functionality. old updates: 2018/02/10 Fix...
  6. Tsukimi-neko

    Gradient Wipe - old RM Transition effect, and more

    Gradient Wipe v1.0.0 Tsukimi (cji3bp62000) Introduction There are fancy transition effects in RM 2000/XP/VX, but only fading and scaling in MV. So I decided to make this script to make it more fancier, and also add the effect to characters/pictures/message window. *** Notice !!! *** this is an...
  7. Tsukimi-neko

    Yanfly Save Event Location minor Bug

    This is my first post in forum, so if I against any rules, please tell me, thank you. In the current version (1.6) of Yanfly's Save Event Location plugin, I found out that there is a minor bug: if event i has <Save Event Location> in...

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