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  1. Deathspecter

    Galv's Region Effect's problems

    Hi all, I'm running into this problem with Galv's Region Effects script:  >_> The footprints/water splash/grass moves do not disappear on it's own, and their animation doesn't appear.  :headshake: The direction of the footprints is always the same as well, no matter to which direction I...
  2. Deathspecter

    Custom BGM doesn't play! :(

    Hi everyone! Last few days I have been running into a problem.  >_> I have a map with RTP BGM and it plays perfectly. But then I teleport the player to other map with custom BGM and it doesn't play it. If I teleport back to the previous map the music plays again like normal. I have all the...
  3. Deathspecter

    Any Metalheads in the forum? :P

    Hello all. First of all Merry Christmas!  :) As some of you (a few) already may know, besides game making I'm also an addicted to music (metal and rock mostly but all other genres too if the music is good). I play guitar and other instruments too and I also like to compose some songs.  So...
  4. Deathspecter

    [ACE] Help with Napoleon's Scripts

    Hi everyone, I just started to use Napoleon's Game Variable Display and it works like a charm. However, I need someone to help me doing this: In the image you'll see the script working good. However, I would like it to have a "%" on front of the number displayed, and I also would like a bit...
  5. Deathspecter

    In-game play time and suggestions

    Hello!  :D   I've been working on my Demo (which is almost ready) but today I noticed that it takes almost 2h of gameplay to actually proceed through the first 4 storyline quests, which I think it's too much. Mainly because they all happen in the first city and it's surroundings. After...
  6. Deathspecter

    Battle Log Scripts?

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to find a Battle Log Script for quite a while but with no luck. I'm NOT interested on the one made by Yanfly since it glitches with another one of his scripts that I'm using (post about that...
  7. Deathspecter

    Yanfly Combat Log Display - Soft Crash

    I’m having some problems with this script, it seems to soft crash on a random basis when I exit the log window, music still plays and the game is running as far as I can tell, but I’m not able to do anything in the battle menu and the cursor doesn’t reappear. Any ideas what could be causing this...
  8. Deathspecter

    The Divine Conspiracy [Demo Available]

    Okay so here it is my 2 cents of contribution to this fantastic community which I just signed up!  :D     A non-commercial game made by me, Deathspecter.   Alpha testing by a friend of mine, Parasyt3, and the Story Plot by another friend of mine, Sephiar. THE OFICIAL DEMO IS OUT FOLKS!!!    ...

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