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  1. RoseofCrimson

    [XP] How would I use an event comment or event name to call a block in the rgss editor?

    Something like <save> that'll call a save point or something.
  2. RoseofCrimson

    Any good commercial/ non-commercial rm game recommendations?

    I've played a few good games that I enjoyed including Umbral Soul Alter Aila Starless Umbra Helen's Mysterious Castle Eternal Senia I am a huge fan of Action Rpgs and games with non-traditional combat (these are usually passion projects), however, they're so rare that I have a hard time...
  3. RoseofCrimson

    Screen shake snippet

    I'm pretty stuck at this point. I've tried: $game_screen.start_shake(2, 3 , 4) $game_map.screen.start_shake(2, 3 , 4) ... I also tried transferring the attr_reader (and making it an accessor) to my script, but I'm getting nothing. A little help? Edit: I'm an idiot. I fixed it. (A conditional...
  4. RoseofCrimson

    What's the snippet for checking if a certain skill is learned

    $game_party.actors[@actor].skill_learn?(skillid) or skill_include? I'm trying to write a script that checks to see if the first member of the party knows x skill (let's say the first skill in the database). I'd also like to know the snippet for $game_actors[1] etc etc.
  5. RoseofCrimson

    How to check the party position of a certain party member?

    MV is a bit different than other rpg maker engines. I want to see if a certain party member is party leader. I tried something like this, but no dice. $gameParty.members(0) == $ Can anyone suggest a fix?
  6. RoseofCrimson

    My stream where you can learn how to do neat systems!

    My stream is a place where you can learn advanced eventing systems free of charge! I've covered how to do battle systems (both on map abs, and turn based combat), wall running, wall jumping, platforming, idle/run/stealth, and more... Why would you want to watch my stream? My system are...
  7. RoseofCrimson

    Script call to change event and player graphic.

    I tried searching the database and all I could find was @tile_id and set_graphic. Set graphic seems to give me errors while tile_id feels like it's for terrain. Can anyone give me an example call snippet for changing the in game graphic for events or player? What I've tried -...
  8. RoseofCrimson

    Script calls for direction fix, stop animation, and so on?

    I'll open with this. I know direction commands such as move up and move backward are $game_player.move_up, $[1].move_backward. However when it comes to direction fix and stop animation (basically any boolean) I can't find the proper script call for it. Things I've tried so far...
  9. RoseofCrimson

    Is there a list of rmxp script calls online?

    I came across this useful list for rmmv and I'd like to know if there is something like it for rmxp.
  10. RoseofCrimson

    RMXP Skeleton for Action Battle System

    This video is showcasing three days of work revamping a battle system I had once implemented. In this video you'll see a battle system with counter attacks (when an enemy hits you and you time your evasion properly you can attack and try to pull off a skill in the brief window the enemy is...
  11. RoseofCrimson

    Script Calls for changing an event's graphic (see post) and script code for and/or condition (post)

    Edit: Okay. I've ran into another brick wall seeing as I'm a novice(sorta) when it comes to things like this. I'd like to know the move player/ event script call for this engine. $[event no].change_graphic(graphic, character, pose) Makes sense, but it's giving me an error and I...
  12. RoseofCrimson

    Working on coding my first battle system.

    So, growing tired of using other peoples stuff (too limited) I've started my own battle system.  Battle System controller compatible. The end game system is to be compatible with multiple controllers or be single player. If you look in the lower corner that's actually the player model and...
  13. RoseofCrimson

    Expert RMXP coding/ event system stream.

    If you're interested in picking up new mapping, eventing, or set up tricks here is where you look. I'll be streaming for awhile. If you have any questions or request hit me up.
  14. RoseofCrimson

    Yanfly's Action Sequencer.

    I'm trying to go for a game with "no protagonist" therefore free switching between multiple characters. I'm thinking if I wanted to save his position to a certain variable while checking for it later could I play the animation to variable? *cough* I swear I had no idea what to do before I...
  15. RoseofCrimson

    Script call questions.

    Sorry in advance... I dont like nagging. Also... I'm trying to use this script, but MV is different than XP $gameVariables[2] = $gameParty$gameParty = Game_Party.newIs there a way to save party to variables and then Clear the party and start anew? (I'm trying to make it so one character is...
  16. RoseofCrimson

    *YAMI's Skill shop

    Is there a way to make it so the skill is restricted to one character? Like if I wanted to sell "Fire" only the first actor can learn it.
  17. RoseofCrimson

    Common Event Question.

    Is the conditional command script code for checking an certain character's hp the same as RGSS checks? $game_actors[1].hpI'm trying to make a berserker type during battle that gets more attack damage, but I'm unsure if RGSS translates into MV. I wonder if there is away to check hp percentile...
  18. RoseofCrimson

    How do I install DLC

    Steam doesn't give instructions... *coughs*
  19. RoseofCrimson

    (Demo) Blessed be the Lady. V. 0001

    This is a really annoying side project I'm making just because I can. I'm looking for alpha's to find the many many bugs I need to fix with the systems I put in this game. The Chapter 0 final boss fight isn't complete, but he has two patterns. I had to stop working on this I focused on making...
  20. RoseofCrimson

    I'm stuck eventing an ABS boss fight

    I'm in the middle of eventing another boss fight with an evented ABS in RMXP. Problem is I haven't used RGSS for about 5 years and I forgot alot of the script calls (let alone the little scripting tricks I picked up). I'm trying to make it so one event mirrors another event's direction. I'm...

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