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  1. Dr.Phil

    Shadow opinions?

    I was play testing my map, and I realized that the shadow is.... wrong.   Here is the original auto-tile shadow: and here's an evented "above player" shadow: Is it just me, or does the shadow make more sense being over the player?  
  2. Dr.Phil

    Pixel Art Tileset

    A while ago I decided to make my tiles from scratch.. And I made these. But then I realized how daunting this task was, and I gave up. But I figured, maybe someone else can use these as a base, assuming they're going for a pixel art style. Choosing colors is not my forte, but I think the pixel...
  3. Dr.Phil

    Architectural tilesets

    Free to use; please credit Mack, First Seed Material, and Sourve.  These are architectural elements. Walls, and also stuff that goes on walls. Some is overlap so you can customize better without using events/scripts. Walls. Architectural elements. Here's a sample I probably should have...
  4. Dr.Phil

    Shift key bug. RPG maker community, you're my only hope

    If you have no idea what I'm talking about--you're lucky. And probably taking your editor for granted. But for the rest of us.. This is the most annoying thing in the world. <-- same unresolved...

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