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  1. CharismaticGamer

    Changing Resolution Mid-Game

    Hey how's it going guys? So I have this game that I have the resolution to I believe is (383 x 200) I want that at the start of the game for something in specific. But after that I want to change the resolution mid game so they would play in that resolution. Is there a way to change resolution...
  2. CharismaticGamer

    Resizing the menu?

    Ok so heres the problem :/ I'm trying to make a game and the progress is going splendid. I'm doing it in this resolution Graphics.resize_screen(480, 272) . The only problem I have is making the menu fit. I realize this was a problem when I was trying to change my weapon. I couldn't see it. So i...
  3. CharismaticGamer

    Shooting System

    Hey guys, So i'm making a zombie survival game and i have the map and everything almost done. I have the zombie stripes and more. I'm just missing a few more things. One of those things is having a shooting system. The way i want my shooting system is by making it shoot 4 directional. I dont...
  4. CharismaticGamer

    Real time zombies/shooting

    Hey Guys, So i'm trying to create a zombie survival game where the game has a real time shooting system. I have the tiles for the zombies (I believe) but the problem is i don't know how to have shooting in real time. I don't know if i'm saying it right but basically I want to have a shooting...
  5. CharismaticGamer

    2 pixel doors is cutting off

    Hey everybody! Ok so here's the problem. I got this hidden book shelf image that i want as a door. This hidden book shelf is 2 square long. When I put the door event it cuts off in the left. I need help fixing this and is driving me crazy. I put images to show what I mean. Please help!

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