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  1. Jennavieve

    RMMZ Unfinished Saga

    Unfinished Saga SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT DOWNLOAD LINK I would love it if anybody here would try my game and give me some feedback. This is my first game project and I know I have a lot to learn so I'd appreciate any advice or even...
  2. Jennavieve

    How do you name your characters?

    I was just spending some time coming up with last names for my main characters and it made me a little curious how everybody else here goes about it. Do you typically just give them first names or do you usually give your characters last names too? How do you pick the names you give them? Do...
  3. Jennavieve

    Is there a way to have an event only respond to the initial touch?

    I've been having this problem with a certain type of NPC event in my game (set to event touch). It's a monster that's meant to drain your HP a little if it touches you. It also drains your health if the player touches it, which is fine except that it's overresponsive when the player touches it...
  4. Jennavieve

    Gingerbread Man Sprite and Faces

    I want to make a game where you play as a gingerbread man and I've done some digging around but I haven't been able to find any gingerbread man sprites or face images. There was a wonderful thread put together by @slimmmeiske2 here that had a number of useful resources but no gingerbread men as...
  5. Jennavieve

    Borderless Window

    We all can't stand looking are that default blue border. But sometimes, you just can't find a border that feels right for your game or maybe you just prefer the minimalist look. So I present the borderless window! Credits & Terms of Usage Free for commercial and non-Commercial use. You must...
  6. Jennavieve

    Suggestion Movement route preview is nearly useless

    MZ's movement route preview is a nice feature but, the way it is now, it's basically useless. I tried it out in a cutscene I was working on yesterday and I noticed a pretty major problem. It works just fine if you're previewing the first movement route for a particular event on a given event...
  7. Jennavieve

    Undecided on whether or not to include combat

    I'm working on a Dark Fantasy/Horror game and I'm kind of on the fence regarding the implementation of combat. I'm leaning more toward not having combat because I feel like it could break the immersion of the creep factor of the game. I think it would give more of a sense of immediacy to the...
  8. Jennavieve

    New to the RPG Maker Scene

    Hey guys! I've already made a couple of posts around here but I haven't formally introduced myself and I figured I should. Just bought MZ about a month ago and I'm really enjoying using it. I always have story ideas bouncing around in my head but I'm terrible at writing scene descriptions and...
  9. Jennavieve

    Having some trouble with an event set to "event touch" trigger.

    I want to put a type of NPC in the game that follows the player and when the NPC touches the player it drains a set amount of the player's HP. I can get it to do that just fine but once it touches the player, the player gets stuck and the NPC continually touches the player, draining their HP...

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