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  1. Telemindred

    Creating & Applying DLCs for game?

    I'm wanting to ask people here first before making any decisions on the content of my game. Essentially I wanted to see if it was possible to create a game, finalize it and finish it up, but then create, so to speak, DLCs for that game, which basically add new areas or content that wasn't there...
  2. Telemindred

    Critical Hit Damage Scripts?

    Alright, so I'm needing/looking for any script out there which can alter the critical damage that's dealt when an attack lands a critical hit. To be clear: I'm not looking to change the overall critical damage in the system, I've already learned how to change it from x3 to any other number. What...
  3. Telemindred

    Altering Death Condition

    Alright, so in the game I'm working on, the character is supposed to, upon death via battle, damaging tile, etc., they turn into a spirit instead of getting the game over screen. Additionally, if they die as a spirit, then they get the game over screen. Does anyone know a method to do this...
  4. Telemindred

    Help with attack skills

    So I've been messing around with the damage formulas for a bit, but I still don't fully understand them. I tried doing basic stuff in order to create an attack that I could predict the damage of as the developer (even created test characters and monsters with specific attack stats that I could...
  5. Telemindred

    Avatar stuck, Tileset Problem?

    Ok so context: I added a series of tilesets into the game and went through them all in the database to make sure they all worked as they should. It's a mixture of custom and preset tilesets. Everything seemed to be working perfectly and I built a really nice town that I'm super proud of. I put...
  6. Telemindred

    What are TP Modes?

    I wanted to have more options in what I can use and change regarding TP, so I got Yanfly Ace's TP Manager. As I'm reading it however, it mentions something called TP Modes which I am clueless of. I couldn't find any mention of it anywhere in the program, and I couldn't find mention of it on any...
  7. Telemindred

    Issue with Combat Initiation (Yanfly Scripts)

    I'm relatively new not only to this forum, rpgmaker or scripts, but also windows and game making. I've been practicing a while and recently started implementing Yanfly's scripts and learning how they operate and work. However this is something that I can't figure out and would like to ask for...

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