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  1. I need resorces

    I'm looking for free enemy image resources for a front view battle system, specifically Human or humanoid enemies e.g. Humans, Elves, Draws and such. I like the style of VX Ace and wanted to use the resources first but the resolution is simply too low for my project which is 1920*1080 pixels...
  2. RMMV In need of a plugin!

    I would like to add a feature into my game that allows me to save my currently equipped weapons/armour and load that exact same setup at will from the equip scene. I was able to achieve that with Common Events triggered by Items or Skills, but that was far from a seeming less transition. So it...
  3. So... I absolutely need to know this song's name

    I have heard this song a lot of times in RPG maker related content, e.g. Yanfly and MogHunter. And since I love this track, I'd like to know its name to evaluate if it can be used in my project. The song that starts playing from 0:09 is meant. Music Link:
  4. RMMZ Equipment sets for MZ

    So... Many games offer the option of creating "equipment sets". They basically let you save your currently equipped equipment in a slot and then load that equipment anytime you want. I haven't seen that implemented in an Rpg Maker game yet... so yeah... just wanted to ask if anyone would be...
  5. RMMV Devil's Dungeon 2: Development and Idea Threat

    Purpose of this thread: Gathering ideas, plugins and other stuff. About the game: A completely FREE Dungeon Crawler with 100 floors with Rpg Maker MV. Why free? I simply find most RPG maker games horrendous when it comes to complexity, variety as well as tactics. They are not "skill-based"...
  6. RMMZ Looking for an ATB - System for MZ

    I'm searching for a FREE ATB system for MZ. I'm aware of Visu Stella, but it costs money so... yeah... thanks for reading xD Here:
  7. States over time! --- Help ---

    The Story so far: I'm working on a game with an ATB Battle System and hit a dead end. I need to find a way to deal damage to a target over a certain amount of time unrelated to the number of the targets actions. What I want: A way to make states last for a period of time unrelated to the...
  8. Request: State Stacking and Custom State Damage!

    I'm looking for a script or solution for creating states that can be applied multiple times on the same target! The ability to decide the maximum number of stacks for each individual state would be appreciated! In short: I'm looking for this...
  9. I need help with creating a skill

    The story so far: I'm currently working on a skill called "Combo Strike". It is a 3 hit move with the last hit dealing more damage. While the skill itself has no cooldown, the strong hit has one. If you trigger the skill while the strong hit is on cooldown, the first 2 hits still trigger, the...

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