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  1. iLurota

    Ice Cream Mania

    Story now some: ScreenShots :3 Game Download The only download is without the RTP, sry T_T Ice Cream Mania v1.1 Edit: Uploaded a new version without bugs =) Credits Scripts: Yanfly (Ace Core Engine) Graphics: Enterbrain About the...
  2. iLurota

    I was wondering...

    How much of you guys is gonna participate in the Summer Fun Contest ?? PS: Sry for the short question ^ .^
  3. iLurota

    Title menu

    Can anyone make me a script that allows me to use a picture as a button for a "New Game" "Load Game" and "End Game", and so i can switch from one button to another?
  4. iLurota

    Can anyone make me a simple roullete system ? :/

    I need a simple Roulette system, without graphics, so can anyone (PLS) make it with scripts, or if anyone has ideas how to make it with Eventing... Oh and I know how to make calculations with events but I don't know how to make buttons (Red, Black, Numbers, Odd, Even ...) and how to make all...
  5. iLurota

    Suggestions for the next RPG Maker

    Hey everyone, I was thinking about some new features which should be added to the next RPG Maker So I made a list of those things: Edit: Shingamix has kindly compiled all the suggestions into a single list. You can find it here. Shaz --> Firstly I think some Plugins/Extensions would be...

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