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  1. smh19294

    Sprite Edit Request Pls

    I have a straightforward request for anyone gracious enough to be willing to help me out. I would really appreciate this sprites, head, (Namely the hair and hat) On this sprite Thank you ever so much to anyone that can help a pal out!
  2. smh19294

    The Quest for Cut- Ins.

    Hello everyone. I have quite a hefty request for all you gracious and musically talented people out there. So for my game, I really wanted to look into including what I can only describe as "cut ins" for the characters in the story. Essentially they are fancy little portraits of the character in...
  3. smh19294

    Portrait Coloring

    Hello everyone!. I've got kind of an odd request. For the game I am making, I am using custom drawn portraits that I sketched up and want to use for the characters in the story. The thing is, although I can draw just fine, coloring and shading things is not my forte. So I decided to ask here...
  4. smh19294

    Sprite Edit Request

    Hey everyone. I'm here with a request to have some sprites edited in order to better fit their accompanying portraits. If you can fill any one of these requests, it would be greatly appreciated. Details about what exactly is wrong is next to each picture. Thanks again. Thanks to...
  5. smh19294

    Looking for Mack Style Sprites

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has stumbled upon some sets of sprite sheets of the default RTP actors converted into Mack's two tile high sprite style. I was able to find a couple and I am looking for specifically sprite sheets for the Actors, not people or monsters. If you find any, I would...
  6. smh19294

    Sprite request

    Hey everyone! For my request, i was hoping someone could take the time to come up with a sprite for  the portrait below. I would appreciate it in Mack style. I provided this sprite below for a base. You would just need to change the hair and colors to match in that case. Any help would be...
  7. smh19294

    A quick Survey

    Hey all, I have put together a little survey with some questions about character development. I plan on looking at this feedback to look at what types of characters most appeal to those who play RPG's If you take the time to fill it out, you would help me out tremendously. If you wish to leave...
  8. smh19294

    Fixing the Background of this portrait

    Hello, I have a request for this portrait here. You see, the background color is a bit messed up, as it does not contain only one color, thus making splotches in the program. I wanted to ask someone to please recolor the background to a solid white so that it properly turns transparent when used...
  9. smh19294

    A Portrait Recolor

    Hello, I have this Faceset here I got recolored a while back. Now I want to implement a portrait as well, but the edit stops that from happening. I just wanted someone to recolor the hair and coat as close to the green hues in the face set as possible. For the coat area not shown, any variant of...
  10. smh19294

    Emoset for a Portrait

    Hey there, I need someone to make an emoset for this portrait here. I don't need the individual box facesets, just this picture edited like it would. I need: Happy(Cheerfulness felt through a light grin) Angry(hatred portrayed through gritted teeth and furrowed eyebrows) Depressed(Mourning and...
  11. smh19294

    Sprite creation request.

    I found this portrait around the interwebs but could not find a sprite sheet for it. I was wondering if one of two things could happen: 1.Could someone point me in the direction of any sprite sheets that come close pr match this one? 2.Could someone make one. I know the pic is not too...
  12. smh19294

    3 more portrait recolors

    I think this might be my last portrait request for a while. Thank goodness. I wanted to change the color of these three right here.    ​Any help is appreciated greatly. Change his red stripe to yellow                      Change his green hat and robe to grey      Change her red stripes to...
  13. smh19294

    3 Portrait Recolors

    I'm back (sadly) with another request. My project has teams represented by certain colors. So I wanted these three recolored to match their factions. I wanted this guy to have a brown jacket     I wanted the green replaced with grey and the yellow with the gold replaced by silver.          ...
  14. smh19294

    3 Portrait Recolor requests

    Hey there. I needed these three portraits recolored a solid blue color. My project consists of teams specified by color. This team being blue. A regular dark blue would be so nice please. Her purple cloth and shirt need to be changed        His cloak and hat symbol need to be changed  Any...
  15. smh19294

    SMH's Franken Spriter Workshop

    Hello there! Welcome to my Frankespriting shop!  For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, "frankenspriting is combining elements from multiple different graphics into one combination.        Take this...                         And this......                                  ...
  16. smh19294

    Portrait Recolor Request

    Hello. I would really apreciate if someone could recolor the red/orange in these three portraits. In my project, there are different teams designated by colors. These three are part of one represented by green. The red straps on his helmet                       The red stripes on his suit  ...
  17. smh19294

    Knight portrait, face recolor

    I would realy apreciate some help coloring this guy's blue armor to a dark, forest green. Just the blue in his armor needs to be changed please. I'll make sure to thank and credit you for all your hard work. :3
  18. smh19294

    One portrait jacket recolor request

    I would like to ask someone's help in recoloring this lad's jacket to a generic purple.  The red elements of the jacket is what I would like changed please. Any help is appreciated.
  19. smh19294

    Portrait/faceset Jacket Recolors

    Hey there. I am sorry if this is a large request or anything. I was wondering if anyone could recolor this portrait into 6 different colors.  All of the red elements are what I wanted colored Here are the colors I was hoping for. Anything close to these would be wonderful.  Thank you to...
  20. smh19294

    Help Apreciated

    I wanted to know if you can recolor the blue in both of these girl's shirts to this magenta please.                           All of the shirt on this left one                     And the blue border of her clothes and waist. This is the magenta I would like. But whatever you suggest is...

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