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  1. Besu

    Your first thoughts about RPG Maker

    From 1 to "I'm going to make a perfect game in RPG Maker in less than a month and I will be famous", how naive you were when you opened your first RPG Maker. In my situation, it was when I was 13 in 2008-2009 I think, with RPG Maker XP, I wanted to make a Naruto game using a lot of Naruto...
  2. Besu

    What is/are your favorite anime battles?

    Hi guys! Welcome to the TOP Anime Battles topic. Here you can share your favorite anime battles that you like from any anime. These are my favorite ones(You can add a video if you want, but I think it's recommendable so people could see that battle if they want): Gintama (It may contain...
  3. Besu

    It's easy to learn Javascript if I have Java knowledges?

    Hi,right now I'm studying programming in a grade and we are learning Java language, and I would like to know if it's a similar language to Java. I would like to know this because I want to learn Javascript, and I want to know if it's too difficult or you just need to spend hours on it, because...
  4. Besu

    It's really worth to buy RPG Maker MV?

    Hi, the RPG Makers that most I used were RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX Ace, and I would like to know if it is really worth to change from RPG Maker XV Ace to RPG Maker MV. I've seen some videos, and I've downloaded the RPG Maker MV, but I don't know, it doesn't convince me at...
  5. Besu

    [Ask] Tips for mapping towns/caves? Night/Dark maps.

    Hi, I'm practising my mapping skills and I would like to know some tips for mapping towns and caves. These are two examples of two maps made by me, but I think they could be better (at least the cave), so I would like to ask you for some tips/videos that you recommend to learn the basics about...
  6. Besu

    Some questions about VX Ace

    Hi! I have the following questions about RPG Maker VX Ave: -What method of mapping is better: normal mapping or parallax? What's te difference and which one would you recommend. -I know that the best way to make characters and facesets is designing them by yourself but can they be made too in...
  7. Besu


    Hi, I'm using this script for shadows on my character: It worked well, I was impressed with this script, but now I'm mapping a bigger map than the others that I have done before, and now when I...
  8. Besu

    [RPG VX ACE] I'm searching the following scripts (Easy scripts, I think)

    Hi! I would like to know if there are scripts to do this: -A script that put a a shadow under character's feet, it's really annoying that of see RPG maker VX Ace characters without shadows. -A script to hear feet sounds (I think a few years ago I used a script like this, but I can't remember...
  9. Besu

    Question: Mapping

    Hi everyone, I have a petition for you, I'll be really pleased if you help me. I have been using RPG Maker since 2007, I started with XP and later XV and now XV Ace. Today, finally I have bought RPG Maker Vx Ace on Steam, I was tired of not having it bought. Well, now I want to improve my...
  10. Besu

    What are your favourite animes/mangas?

    Hi, this thread is made for anime/manga fans haha, where you can say what are your favourite animes and mangas. Personally, my favourites are: Anime : -One Piece (I have watched it since 2007) -Gintama -Parasyte -Zero No Tsukaima -Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso -Baby Steps -Dragon Ball Z...
  11. Besu


    Hi everyone, I'm from Spain and I am 18. I have been using RPG Maker since 2007, when I was 10 (Yeah, a rat kid age xD) I started using RPG Maker XP, that versión will be always in my heart haha. I was registered in a spanish forum called Mundodeluxe (Currently dead) and after that I started to...

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