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  1. Jacoh

    Requesting a script that unables item usage

    Hello there, i looked a bit inside the forums and i couldn't find another request like mine if not for MV, so i'm gonna request a script for VX Ace if anyone has it, what i need is a script that makes the player, when affected by a specific status, be unable to use items, every help is appreciated!
  2. Jacoh

    How do you make a move that if it lands after the enemy attack, the power doubles?

    Hey, i have a simple question, is there a way to make a special move that deals a certain amount of damage if it moves first but it doubles if it lands after being hit by an enemy, like the move "Revenge" from pokemon
  3. Jacoh

    I need help with a script that i found.

    Hello, as the title said, i need a little help with a script that i'm actually using and well, it's not mine because i can't script, the problem should be simple, the script changes the HUD of the battle: But i dont like how the character is on the center, i wanted to move everything, HUD, HP...
  4. Jacoh

    Is there any other method to launch a game not made by me in fullscreen?

    Hello there '^' i'm having troubles on launching my game in fullscreen.. - i tried to press ALT + Enter = nothing happens - i tried to press f1 and then click in the "launch in fullscreen" check.. then i rebooted the game.. well, nothing happens - pressing windows and plus isn't really what i...
  5. Jacoh

    Respawn script

    Hello there, i'd like to use a script for my game that allows the actor to not die and just teleport to a specific point.. If that is not possible, i would like to just use a script that removes the GAME OVER screen. Any help is appreciated! EDIT: i'm using the random encounter for battles '^'
  6. Jacoh

    How to make an actor dont use an item

    Hello there! i'm new here, i'm looking for a script or a method that makes a specific actor unable to use an healing item, does anybody know how can i do it?

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