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  1. Housekeeping

    Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass (Demo available!)

    Jimmy dreams of the most fantastic things.  He dreams of big yellow fields of sunflowers.  He dreams of living woodwinds and talking mice.  He dreams of his mom.  He dreams of his dad.  He dreams of all the video games he's played with his uncle.  He dreams of his brother standing beside him...
  2. Housekeeping

    Dr. House* Grades Your Papers

    *Not an actual doctor. So, I've been editing my post in the "rate out of five" thread, but that thread's so glutted and getting increasingly ignored that I thought I'd make my own review thread.  I've definitely written quite a few.  Since there are so many reviews, I'll keep these as simple...
  3. Housekeeping

    The Heart Pumps Clay

    In The Heart Pumps Clay, players take control over Mara, a swamp witch, her golem, Bud, and the aptly named Crow as they climb the Tree of Life in order to obtain the Source of All Things. Gameplay consists of fixed battles set at choke points on the map. However, after every battle, Bud will...
  4. Housekeeping

    A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

    A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky is my labor of love.  I'm not a visual artist, so I used Face Maker for the character portraits, the rmvx sprite maker from the company's website, and the battlers/backgrounds/tile sets all came from the program.  However, I have a lot of experience...

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Are the default-size "chibi" sprites really a bad thing for a project? I'm not planning to sell my game anyway but I was wondering if they were as hated as some videos seem to claim...
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Anyone else who initially created a character to be a villain only to end up liking them so much that you made them a hero? :)

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