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  1. AelphysTerra

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Something I've been toying with (and this includes MDR/PDR manipulation, not for the faint-hearted): A damage formula similar to, and inspired by, Fallout New Vegas, using both Damage Threshold (with Def as a stand-in) and Damage Reduction (using PDR). Let: Damage Reduction be a percentage...
  2. AelphysTerra

    How Do You Organize Your Spells/Skills?

    I tend to put "magic" skills first, then non-magical skills next, then arrange them like FF games do (e.g. elemental spells by element in order of increasing strength, healing magic being listed before attack magic which is in turn listed before status magic). Then I arrange skills based on who...
  3. AelphysTerra

    tbf, the WC is right next to our shower, so...

    tbf, the WC is right next to our shower, so...
  4. AelphysTerra

    tfw you do all your game story writing in the shower

    tfw you do all your game story writing in the shower
  5. AelphysTerra

    RMMV Best way to make a battler invisible when under a certain status?

    Greetings, I have a state "Stealth" in my current project that makes the target immune to attacks while active. In addition, I want to make the affected battler invisible or at least translucent while the state is active. What's the best way to do it? I have access to Yanfly Engine Plugins...

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