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  1. Aleks

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    I saved up 200 Crystals and spent every last one on the FFVI relic event. I'm quite happy with the results! I got Edgar's Chainsaw, Shadow's Sasuke, Setzer's Cards, Relm's Cat Hoodie and some other good items. Fed 12 Rosetta Stones to the Chainsaw and made it pretty powerful. Now my Eddie...
  2. Aleks

    Let's share our PC specs!

    @Marsigne Sorry for the lateness, could not log in. That build is good! The 950 is a powerful little card, but if you haven't ordered anything yet it should be worth mentioning Pascal's 950 equivalent should be coming out in a month or two. It should be a lot more powerful at the same price...
  3. Aleks

    Let's share our PC specs!

    That's what I heard too. I'm far more interested in the 1070 and what it can do in SLI. If it is truly stronger than the Titan X then a dual setup is going to be a killer.
  4. Aleks

    Let's share our PC specs!

    Anyone waiting for AMD's new cards or the Pascal cards from Nvidia? Get an i5. This is the most important part of your PC. The i3 will hold you back if or when you ever get a good GPU and will show its poor performance in applications like PS, Gimp etc etc, and if you get the i5 k series...
  5. Aleks

    Final Fantasy VI

    I have it on Android. I don't like it either....well, I wouldn't dislike it if the sprites didn't conflict with the rest of the game so much. That's my only problem with it. At least it is the same game underneath though. :)
  6. Aleks

    Is medieval boring now?

    Nope, not boring to me. It depends on how you handle it, really.
  7. Aleks

    Let's share our PC specs!

    I build my own. I do not trust pre-builts or laptops. CPU: i5-4670k MOBO: MSI *can't remember what though* GPU: R9 280 RAM: 8GB Corsair PSU: EVGA 600w OS: Windows 7, Ubuntu 14.04
  8. Aleks

    Games You Know Aren't Good, But You Shamelessly Play Them Anyways!!!

    I don't play something I think is bad. There will always be an aspect of the game that I find enjoyable despite its faults but I suppose my answer will be "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out from the Shadows". I see many flaws in them, yet I...
  9. Aleks

    Games stories that you think could've been better.

    Very good post. I completely forgot about Saren and now that you mention all of this together, it really shows the problem with ME3's ending.
  10. Aleks

    Games stories that you think could've been better.

    A lie?  :unsure: It is true. Even prior to EC and the DLC. There are superficial differences between the endings, two of which had to have DLC to explain them.
  11. Aleks

    Games stories that you think could've been better.

    That's not the argument at all, not really. You are watering down all the problems listed by singling out a portion of what I said. It isn't that they were all identical, as I said "basically the same", which is not exactly nor 99%. It all boils down to picking a color that really looks almost...
  12. Aleks

    Games stories that you think could've been better.

    All the "choices" at the end was basically the same way. If my choices of saving the Geth as well as Tali's people was made and I succeeded in doing that, I expected to see a solution to the story that kept both instead of having to pick between terrible decisions that did not reflect my choices...
  13. Aleks

    Final Fantasy - Record Keeper

    Wooo! Just finished the new FFT events. Agrias is one OP character. :O
  14. Aleks

    Games stories that you think could've been better.

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim I really love this game. I spent nearly four hundred hours on the PS3 edition before I bought it twice for the PC (for me and someone else), but there is something really off with the story. We are given this civil war that has been started over legitimate reasons...
  15. Aleks

    Origin of Magic in your game world

    In my game, magic abilities comes from the moon...sort of. Without spilling too many spoilers, I'll just say that the ability to use magic is hereditary and that there are two tiers total when it comes to magick casting. One allows complete access to energy from the universe to manipulate into...
  16. Aleks

    15 Minutes in a Fantasy World...

    I would go to Pern, near Ruatha Hold or Benden Weyr. I would spend the entire time with the dragons, and looking for a way to transport one of the eggs back with me. I dream of the Weyrs of Pern. Why does reality have to suck so much? ;_;
  17. Aleks

    . . .good fanmade games?

    So far I have to say the best fangames that I have come across are: Final Fantasy: Black Moon Prophecy and a FFV fangame by Tezuka on RMRK.
  18. Aleks

    Final Fantasy VI

    I consider it the best in the series as well, and then FFV and XII. It was the first to move the series towards a more diverse and explored cast of characters with a story that led away from the typical "warriors of light" theme and into something more serious and believable. It has its flaws...
  19. Aleks

    What's the WORST advice you can give as a game developer?

    Yup, that there is truly some terrible advice.
  20. Aleks

    Zombie Apocalypse (Would you survive?)

    No, we don't expect to be the first there. But that falls into the whole self-preservation bit. I doubt most heading there will be carrying weapons to make that raid,which would of course mean, unfortunately, having to use a weapon to scare others off. Though I doubt many will leave their house...

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