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  1. Derahex

    How does Ruby/RGSS3 find files?

    Hi. Trying to modify a script to change the location/path it looks for image files. The default location is Characters, and that will not do. It'll cause clutter from an inordinate amount of image files in a single location. I'd like to change this to its own custom location, but would settle...
  2. Derahex

    {Early Demo} Destiny is Pastries!

    Thank you for taking some of your precious time to view this here post !   Without further ado, I present :     Destiny is Pastries ! v.0     (As you may imagine, there is a certain food group involved here.)     In this "One of a kind Game", as in, there are probably a million...
  3. Derahex too annoying ?

    I wish to ask if it is allowed to use for the download of my game or if that's to annoying. Expecting a response from an admin...  Later.
  4. Derahex

    Problem Exporting Game...

    HELLO WORLD. I'M GOING TO GREET YOU LIKE BY SAYING I NEED HELP AND RELEASING CAPS LOCK. On a more serious note, I'm going to do like so many before me and create an account for the sole purpose of begging for help on a notion answered countless other times! Yay! Now let's get this over with...

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