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  1. (Question) Is there anyway to animate the enemies in MZ?

    So I had a scene to where my party would have to battle other members from the party. I figured out how to make them an enemy. However I would like it if the images weren't static and the enemy party members were able to use their animations like if they were player controlled. I know there...
  2. (Solved)Is there anyway too make it to where you can fight your party members in MZ?

    I was able to figure it out, what I needed to do was take the battle Png and crop it down to size then put it in the SV_enemies folder. Still not sure on if it's possible to get them animated or not. Will make a new thread asking.
  3. (Solved)Is there anyway too make it to where you can fight your party members in MZ?

    Ah I'm sorry, I didn't see the thread, thank you very much. I mean the player can customize their character. Like made in the in-engine character maker tab.
  4. (Solved)Is there anyway too make it to where you can fight your party members in MZ?

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread, I couldn't find this for MZ. So please tell me where to go and I'll delete this and post in the right place. My question was that I am trying to have an event where I have to fight one of my party members. A custom created one, not a preset. So I had some...
  5. AztoDio's artworks

    Wow, I see your artwork all the time on twitter! I really enjoy your art and I think it's awesome you are trying to make your own rpg. I can't come up with any solid criticism, (as I think your anatomy and coloring is pretty well done) just good job and good luck.

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