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  1. Lear

    Knight Editor: Visual Doodad Editing

    Copied over the fonts from a previous project. The console error is gone, but still no dice. (The default game font loaded fine previously anywho, those were just assets from another project I hadnt moved over yet.) I created a fresh project, using just yep-core, yep-doodads and knt_editor and...
  2. Lear

    Knight Editor: Visual Doodad Editing

    Grid free doodads works perfect/normal with KNT_Editor disabled. Only console error I'm getting is related to two fonts missing.
  3. Lear

    Knight Editor: Visual Doodad Editing

    Not sure what I'm missing, but I can't get the editor to open in game testing. I think it recognizes it, because F10 wont open doodads at all with this script installed and enabled. * Tried F10. Tried changing the the toggle key. * Tried disabling everything except for yanflys scripts and...
  4. Lear

    Lighting and Time Editor - Continued!

    Awesome, thanks a ton for the battle tint!!! Now I just need to find a way to add a light source for the battle scene for when its super dark xD
  5. Lear

    Lighting and Time Editor - Continued!

    Thanks for the response! Is it possibly in the works for a future update? I only ask so I can determine if it's something I should work on eventing work arounds for my battles or not. :)
  6. Lear

    Lighting and Time Editor - Continued!

    Is there a way to carry over the game time's tint to the battle scene?
  7. Lear

    Yanfly Skill Learn - Gold causing crash

    Just spoke with Yanfly about the bug. I was mistaken, while my input was a temporary work around that prevented the error, he said to replace the line 1182 with: var cost = skill.learnCostJp;
  8. Lear

    Trouble with Getting Subclassing/Passives to Work Properly

    Kind of off thread topic, but you could cut the code lines down by half if you condense the code like this: <Custom Passive Condition> if (user.currentClass().id == 1) && ( >= 10) { condition = true; } else { condition = false; } if (user.subclass() != null) && (user.subclass().id...
  9. Lear

    Yanfly Skill Learn Removing "Learned" Skills

    If you still need help with this issue, put this in the notetag of the skill you want to be hidden after being learned: <Learn Show Eval> if (user.isLearnedSkill( { value = false; }; </Learn Show Eval>
  10. Lear

    YEP Shop Menu Core not displaying <stat Plus: > stats

    Hi all. There seems to be an issue between a couple of Yanfly scripts, the YEP_ShopMenuCore being the problem giver, and YEP_BaseParamControl being what I need to work with ShopMenuCore. The issue: With BaseParamControl, you can give weapons (among other things) a tag of <x Plus: y>, where x...
  11. Lear

    Yanfly Skill Learn - Gold causing crash

    I recently had an issue with that same error. I had to edit yanflys code within the YEP_SkillLearnSystem.js plugin to resolve it. On Line 1182: var cost = skilllearnCostJp; I reverted back to this, which is what it was in a previous update: var cost = this._skilllearnCostJp; And it resolved...
  12. Lear

    [Steam Version] Way to get to an older version?

    If you're like me and cannot see any options to choose from aside from the "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs": Use LimingDesigns image above for reference, click on the "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" and press the down arrow on your keyboard. That will scroll through the version options.
  13. Lear

    Lighting and Time Editor - Continued!

    Is there by chance a function to change the current tint to the time's tint? For some reason for me, entering a map with a <Tint: CustomTintID> and then returning to the previous map keeps the <Tint: CustomTintID> in effect.
  14. Lear

    Lighting and Time Editor

    Not sure if I overlooked how to achieve this, but as of right now it seems like when I transfer to a map with <Tint: 1> command in its notes, then backtrack to the previous map, it carries over the <Tint: 1>. Is there a way to revert to the current times tint?
  15. Lear

    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    The pixel movement feels great in game. Havent had much time to test, but one small issue I've found is it seems to ignore restricted regions that have been set using Yanflys Region Restriction plugin.
  16. Lear

    Master More Debug Tool v.1.5

    Wow, this is impressive. Thanks for sharing this!
  17. Lear

    DreamX's Victory Aftermath Extension

    I was also having the issue and am glad you figured out what the cause was. Would be great to get a patch for this!
  18. Lear

    Galv's New Item Indication

    Great plugin Galv! Is it possible to fine tune it to where the "new" icon disappears after you de-select/highlight the item? When scrolling down a long list of items (multiple pages of items) the "new" icon wont appear as it's removed instantly upon highlighting items.
  19. Lear

    Equipment Variables

    Meant to post when you released this, but thank you! It is literally just what I had needed at the time you originally posted it. :)

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