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  1. FanssNett

    RMMV L. O. R. D.

    L. O. R. D. -Fanss Nett Guys, I had been working on a small game with RMMV for a week or so. This game was prepared by me for a local game jam in just one week. Synopsis You are a participant in the LORD tournament and you are sponsored by someone over the phone. You gotta compete with...
  2. FanssNett

    Unclear Battlers Pack 1

    Hi guys! I have been working on a few battlers and they just look like you are gonna turn mad and kill me for making them. So, here are the first four battlers of my set. I'll try to make more non-irritating ones soon! Terms of use: Free for any use. Just don't turn mad and kill me! It would be...
  3. FanssNett

    8 Directional (Diagonal) Movement

    Introduction This plugin allows your player to walk diagonally. Features - Diagonal movement. Screenshots Download: FAQ Q: The script doesn't work. What is the problem? A: It's just two lines of code. Maybe you use a ripped...

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