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  1. Tactician-Elive

    What can be salvaged from a corrupted project's database?

    If a VX ace project corrupts (Unexpected file format), what from the corrupted project can be brought over to a new project? I figured out Actors, Classes, and Systems, but trying to replace the skill list makes the new project un-loadable. Is there a specific way I would have to bring it over...
  2. Tactician-Elive

    RPG Maker VX Ace Lite: I can't open my game project

    I've been using Ace Lite to make a game, but for some reason it's not opening the project, and telling me that it's in an unexpected format, is there a way to open it, and if not, is there a way to get back all the things I data based?
  3. Tactician-Elive

    Is it against RPG maker VX ace lite rules to tamper with scripts using an external coding source?

    I wanted to make a fan-game, but I had used up the MV and VX ace free trials, and didn't have the money to buy either, so I tried using Vx ace lite, only to find out that the scripts I needed couldn't be added because of some limits that were put on it, I wanted to know if it was against the...
  4. Tactician-Elive

    I don't mean to sound petty but....

    Ok, considering that I messed up once in terms of putting these posts in the wrong place, I'm probably not putting this one in the right place either, and while the answer to this question is probably pretty simple, I have lost my mind in trying to understand what the bug report means by this, I...
  5. Tactician-Elive

    A quick bug report

    I decided to try the VX ace free trial, and I began getting scripts for the game. However, I don't really know why, but this error now always appears. could I please get a bit of help?

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