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  1. bokunoyuki

    Combining tilesets? Like using Outside Tiles and Dungeon Tiles in one map?

    It'd be nice to mix and match tilesets to make more varied maps, but is there a way to just combine everything? I'm aware that I can assign whatever tilesets to the extra D and E slots, but can I go beyond this restriction?
  2. bokunoyuki

    Changing battlebacks for specific troops

    Apologies if this is a silly question, got into MV recently. I noticed when changing the battlebackground for a troop, it also applied to the rest of troops. How would I go about setting up battlebacks for each individual troop I have?
  3. bokunoyuki

    Timed button presses for Defense against enemy attacks?

    I've found some cool plugins that let you use timed button presses to do extra damage, but are there plugins that do the same for the opposite? As in, when an enemy attacks, an input prompt comes up and timing the input correctly reduces damage received?
  4. bokunoyuki

    How to make a constant Guard state?

    I am using a custom ATB system and a Guard mechanic is essential for the game I'm planning to make. However, I noticed that executing the Guard command makes you guard for one turn, and the guard state is removed when that character's turn is up again. I'd like to know how to make a constant...
  5. bokunoyuki

    Side view Portrait Battles

    I'm planning to make a game that features one solo party member as well as one-on-one battles. It would look rather empty seeing a only one lonely front view sprite, or just 2 side view sprites, so I'm requesting a script that makes 2 interactive portraits battle each other. An example picture...
  6. bokunoyuki

    devil Theory: Alpha (4 hour Solo RPG Action)

            devil Theory: Alpha A full length 4-5 hour Solo RPG Genre: RPG, Action   Not a single piece of artwork or music belongs to me     >> Download <<     Screenshots           This was my first completed project using RPG Maker VX back in 2009, and was posted on IndieDB and...
  7. bokunoyuki

    Hello everyone. Coming from VX

    Feel free to call me Yuki, it's nice to meet everyone. I spent a lot of time with VX making my first game 6 years ago, and I'm still proud of the results because it was a -finished- product. I hope to come here and seek advice and resources to make my next project on the new engine, RPG Maker...

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