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  1. esterk

    Patch to help adjust Prettier Gauges with Yanfly Party Gauge?

    Hey everyone - hopefully this is a quick and easy request! I am currently using the Pretty Gauges ( plugin, which is amazing. However, it applies it to all meters in game - normally not a problem, but it looks kinda goofy...
  2. esterk

    Battle Tutorial - Run Event on Skill Use?

    Hey everyone, I am setting up a battle tutorial in my game to teach players some basics on the system. However, I want to get a bit complex with it by requiring the player to make certain selections in order to progress it. For example, I want to require the player to use a certain Skill, or...
  3. esterk

    Thoughts on minimaps in RPGs?

    Hey everyone, I am currently working out some of the aspects of my game, and recently came to the decision of whether or not to implement a minimap system in it. I've been going back and forth on this from a gameplay perspective (I already have a working plugin, so the technical side isn't an...
  4. esterk

    Add Flee to Actor Battle Command And Remove Party Commands

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a plugin I can use to totally remove the Party Battle Commands (Attack, Escape) and simply add Escape to each Party Member's battle menu instead. Perhaps this can be done without a script but I'm not sure how. I've attached a screenshot of the major plugins I am...
  5. esterk

    Formula for Gaining Yanfly Party Gauge?

    Hey everyone, I am currently using Yanfly's Party Gauge plugin ( in my game. However, I wanted to design a formula so that if a player hits an enemy weakness, they will gain extra party gauge. I believe the correct formula for this is...
  6. esterk

    Yanfly Common Event Menu doesn't word wrap?

    Hey everyone, I haven't been able to find much information on this, so apologies if there is an easy solution I have overlooked. I am currently using Yanfly's Common Event Menu plugin ( However, I wanted to use the common...
  7. esterk

    Help with movement on event (no wait)

    Hey everyone, sorry for the vague title - I'm not really sure how exactly to describe the issue I'm running into with a short and concise description. Basically, I have a cutscene that runs in the game where a character is speaking while moving. However, if the player pages through the text too...
  8. esterk

    Loop nesting not working

    Hey everyone, I am trying to do a simple loop nest to basically have extra confirmations for my player. So if they select a male protagonist, they need to confirm their choice, followed by name entry, which they again need to confirm once entered. However, I keep running into some problems and...
  9. esterk

    Shared Battle Gauge?

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted so forgive me if this isn't the correct place for this. I'm basically trying to implement a battle system in my game that has a shared party point resource (TP, AP...haven't decided on a name yet). This resource can be added to by certain...
  10. esterk

    Status Effect - Seal Specific Elements?

    Hey everyone, I am working through the status ailments in my game and wanted to know if it was possible to have an ailment that seals specific elements from being used. For example, Blindness seals off Physical and Gun abilities, while Silence seals off Magic based ones like Fire, Ice, etc...
  11. esterk

    Hello again!

    hey everyone, just wanted to make a new post since I went MIA for a while. The holidays got really busy for me and then I had to find a new job. So needless to say, I vanished for a bit and have been neglecting my game :( It's gonna be a struggle relearning a lot of stuff but I'm still excited...
  12. esterk

    Chance to apply self state on hit?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering how to do something that should be pretty easy to pull off, but I'm not sure how. I want to have an ability that when it is used, does damage and has a chance to apply a state to the user. I know that I can use a.addState(#) in the damage formula to apply the...
  13. esterk

    Passive ability to heal self for % when healing others?

    Hey everyone, I'm designing a party member that is a healer and want them to have a passive ability that is basically 'Whenever [this character] uses a healing spell, [this character] also heals themselves for 20% of the amount healed.' So basically, if you heal a party member for 100 HP, then...
  14. esterk

    [MV] Pill bottle icon

    Hey everyone, I swear this is probably available somewhere, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Resource Type: Icons Maker Format: MV Art Style: Not important as long as its simplistic and easy to read Description: I need an icon of an RX pill bottle, like the kind you get prescribed. They are...
  15. esterk

    Random chance to talk in battles?

    Hey everyone, So in my game I'm trying to implement a system where the enemies, once they get below a certain health threshold, will start a conversation with the player, usually begging for mercy. If anyone has played Persona or Shin Megami Tensei games, it's that same idea. The enemy, at the...
  16. esterk

    Change Class while retaining stats

    Hey everyone, In my game I'm looking at implementing a class progression system, where at certain levels players can choose a new class to prestige into. However, how can I make it so that they retain the same stats when moving into a new class? So for their first prestige, it's pretty simple...
  17. esterk

    SRDude Character Creator EX - getting face image to show with other plugins

    Hey everyone, So I am using SRDude's Character Creator Ex in my game and it works great. The only problem I am now running into is that the created character's face is not showing up when using Yanfly's Save Core or Gab Engine. Basically, anytime the game looks at Actor 1, they still see the...
  18. esterk

    Skills that cost HP - thoughts?

    Hey everyone, I was curious as to how everyone feels about games that features skills that cost HP. This is found in numerous RPGs like the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series (which both have physical type skills cost HP to use). I was thinking of using it as a game mechanic but want to see...
  19. esterk

    Character Creator EX face squished

    Hey everyone, Got a problem I'm running into using SRDude's Character Creator EX plugin. When the player creates their character, the face appears squished in the menu screen. This is likely due to me using SRDude Super Tools to change the window size (I lowered the width). Is there a way...
  20. esterk

    Implementing a 'battle warning' system?

    Hey everyone, I was watching of Driftwood's older videos and came across this (amazing looking) game he tried out called Last Legend. In it, there is a 'Caution' icon that appears before a random battle occurs. You can see it here: I was wondering how to implement something like this? Is it...

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