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  1. gambitben

    Gambitben Dives in your game!

    Hi! I'm starting a series in youtube where I dive in games people from this community have made. You want me to play yours? Great! Here is the format I'll be using: - I will play up to 2 hours of the game. (If your game is longer I'll stop around the 2 hours mark and if it's shorter I'll finish...
  2. gambitben

    A Couple Personal Poems

    Hi there! After going through many threads here I finally gathered enough momentum to make my own :rhappy: Anyway, here are a couple poems of mine. They don't really have a title, so you can let your aesthesia flow and name them yourself. What is that? Over the creek... a white stag...
  3. gambitben

    RMMV Broken Path (Demo)

    BROKEN PATH Down for the time being DOWNLOAD Thank you for reading! Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated! [/SPOILER]
  4. gambitben

    Give augment slots via scrip call

    Hi! I want to create an armor that starts with three slots and later on goes up to five. I know that we can add an augment to an equipment by using a script call (ItemManager.applyAugmentEffects($[0], $dataItems[1], 0, false);), so maybe a different one can add...
  5. gambitben

    SRD's Battle Status Customizer: Need a (slight?) edit

    Hi amazing people from plugin support! I've been using SRD's aforementioned plugin ( for a while and one thing that always bugs me is that you can choose wether you want your Current/Maximum HP, MP, TP and so to show, but you can't make it so only...
  6. gambitben

    How to make the element rates flat instead of percetile

    Hello forum friends! I've been trying to make so that having a 120 fire element rate is not a 20% damage reduction against fire, but instead a flat -20 fire damage. Between lines 1670 and 1690 in the objects.js file I found this: Game_Action.prototype.makeDamageValue = function(target...
  7. gambitben

    Take 50% damage when evading

    Hi everyone! So I've been trying to solve this really hard and I can't figure it out on my own. I want to change the way evading an attack is handled. I want the battlers to take 50% damage when they evade an attack. How can I achieve this? Thank you in advance!
  8. gambitben

    Plugin command to Clear an actors equipment

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to make a plugin command that clears an actors equipment, like when you hit clear in the equip menu.    - I've tried with that, and changing the number to actor(2) or (1) but it doesn't work. I'm really bad at scripting, does...
  9. gambitben

    Save file erase and Variable to file

    Hi there,  So, in rpg maker vx ace we had these two scripts, that allowed creators to build rogue like/ harcore games.  I've searched through the plugin list and I don't think we have something like this yet, and it would be amazing! The save file plugin I have in mind is one that erases X...
  10. gambitben

    Save file erase after Game Over

    Hi everyone, I asked a similar question in the general discussion page, but I thought it might fit better here, so here I go again  :D Is there any way to erase a save file after/during the Game Over scene? And a way to reduce the save file slots? I only want one, cause there are too many...
  11. gambitben

    Save erase after Game Over

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to delete a save after all the characters die and the screen goes to Game Over, but I have not been able to crack it. I've also tried to find where to change the max ammount of save files, but can't figire out in wich js they are. So if someone with JavaScript...
  12. gambitben

    How to make that Hp = Hp + luk

    So I want to make that the Hp a character has is it's Hp plus it's luk value. So, if Ralph hs 80 hp and 20 luk, his total Hp is 100. Can I do this within the objects.js or I need a custom plugin? And if I can do it where? Thanks in advance!
  13. gambitben

    Math.round and how to implement it in this case

     Hello fellow RM Mv users, I need your help once more.  :) So I'm trying to manipulate the code a bit in order to make more custom damage formulas, but when I try to change the damage output: Game_Action.prototype.executeDamage = function(target, value) {                                     ...
  14. gambitben

    Textbox above the characters

     Hi everyone!  So the script I would love to see in mv is this kind of message box that appears above characters or events. I don't really know how to explain this, but I do have a couple of links to show what I mean:
  15. gambitben

    This little but pesky translation

    Hi everyone! I found this line and I presume that is a terms of use. The problem is that online translators are not able to help me, and I thought that maybe some scrip translator could bring a bit of light to this unbreakable code: このサイトでダウンロードした画像を改造、色換えは モチロン許可します。でも2次配布/商用利用は勘弁して下さい  ...
  16. gambitben

    Help me with one tricky conditional please!

    I made a variable called Hunger, and i can't figure out how to reduce it every time the player walks. I need that every time my character makes a step, the variable hunger gets -1. So if I walk 3 steps, hunger goes -3. Can someone help me with this please? It's going to be crucial for my game...

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