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  1. Purzelkater

    Battle actors manager

    I'm looking for a plugin to define or manage the actors used in a battle. So the actors for the battle(s) should be independent of the current player party. Example: I have 10 actors in the database. Currently actor 1, 2, 3 and 4 are in the party. Now, if a battle starts I want actor 2, 8...
  2. Purzelkater

    Execute common event before command menu

    Hi! I want to execute a common event before the command menu is opened. Well, I have tried this on my plugin: var callMenu = Scene_Map.prototype.callMenu; Scene_Map.prototype.callMenu = function() { $gameTemp.reserveCommonEvent(1);, arguments); }; Well, so far...
  3. Purzelkater

    Players Line of Sight

    Greetings! I have seen some plugin to use LoS (line of sight) on RPG Maker MV with NPCs but non that handles this for the player character. So, what I'm looking for? I would like to have a sniper on my actors party. The problem is, normaly I can execute events if my actor is beside other...
  4. Purzelkater

    Path weights

    Hi, is there a plugin for path weights? Well, it's a little bit difficult for me to describe. But it's related with actors walking and path finding. Okay, let's say, there is a street with sidewalks left and right aside. Okay, normaly the actor(s) would go on the street and the sidewalks...
  5. Purzelkater

    RMMV Generator Importer (.NET)

    RMMV Generator Importer (.NET)     Introduction The RMMV Character Generator is a nice tool, but with more and more additional content for, it's hard to manage all the files. So I'm writing on a little program to simplify the import of additional generator parts. I know there is...
  6. Purzelkater

    CBAM - Cloud Based Asynchronous Multiplayer

    CBAM V0.9.2 by Purzelkater Introduction The CBAM system gives you the ability to create asynchronous multiplayer games with server based savegame storage. If you don't know what asynchronous multiplayer means, take a look at the FAQ. To use CBAM you need - beside the RPG Maker MV of...
  7. Purzelkater

    [Tutorial] CBAM - Cloud Based Asynchronous Multiplayer

      Tutorial - Part 1: Installation & Basics With this tutorial I will give you some guides how CBAM can be used. Well, to be fair, English is not my native language so there may be some misspellings and most screenshots will be on German too. But don't worry, the plugin and the scripts...
  8. Purzelkater

    VX DLC on Steam useable for MV

    I'm highly interested in the Frontier Works Futuristic Heroes and BGM DLC. But because it's made for VX I would like to know how it would fit with MV (after resizing, you know). Well, now I have seen there is a free Sniper sample of this DLC on the Steam workshop, I could use to try it with MV...
  9. Purzelkater

    Why no error handling?

    Since I have begun to write my own plugin the last weeks, I have seen many tutorials and plugins made by others too. But practically none of the are using try-catch error handling, what confused me. On my work, an unhandled exception is a most common problem. We try to fit all functions with...
  10. Purzelkater

    Maker filter on store

    Hi, would it be possible to add a Maker filter on the resources shop? This should make it much easier to find available products for a specific Maker version (VX, MV, etc.). Kind regards, Purzelkater
  11. Purzelkater

    Firing event after savegame is loaded

    Hi, how can I execute an event after a savegame is loaded? On new game is easy to write an autorun event on the starting map. But I want to execute an event after a savegame was loaded (so this should be map-independent). Kind regards, Purzelkater
  12. Purzelkater

    CBAM - Cloud Based Asynchronous Multiplayer

    Hi everybody! Based on my Cloud Manager plugin I'm working on a full cloud based asychronous multiplayer plugin. First I was thought about it to use a map as customized title screen, but now I'd like to expand the normal title screen and handle as much as possible with the plugin and without...
  13. Purzelkater

    Cloud Manager - Simple cloud based savegame system

      Cloud Manager V0.9.4   Introduction The Cloud Manager is a simple cloud (server) based load and save system for RPG Maker MV. With the Cloud Manager you can store your savegames on and load it from your server. It doesn't matter where you play the game. You can start it on your...
  14. Purzelkater

    Using Name Input window in plugins

    I would like to use the "name input processing" window in my plugin to store an entered name into a local variable. Well, I have tried SceneManager.push(Scene_Name); SceneManager.prepareNextScene(1, 16); but without success (no window is shown). How can I open the...
  15. Purzelkater

    Switch player character / local asynchronous multiplayer

    Greetings! I hope this is the right place to ask my question. I'm a programmer for over 20 years now, but I have no experience with RPG Maker (well, have just made some first steps with the trials) so I don't know what's possible and how difficult it would be. I know there are some...

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