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    How take the type id from an armor to equip it

    Hellow im triying to equip weapons and armors from the Item menu, the problems is: How can i know the type id from the item when you use it, to know in wich armor slot you will equip the item ?, for weapons is (0), well i got the code for do it from a plugin but in that plugin dont let you...
  2. NM Play

    Simple Animate Menu Background

    Just a simple script to set mutiple images like a gif for the menu backgound, for exaple: bg_1, bg_2, bg_3, bg_4 the menu background will be animated in that four images amd repeat again from start. I saw so many title screens with that animation, i thik it will be cool for a main menu too.
  3. NM Play

    YEP_RowFormation addon enemy position

    Hi just wanted ask for a addon to Yep_RowFormation plugin for custom enemy row position depending of they row number, like actors settings: *actor settings are like this: ---Row 1 Settings--- Row 1 Home X = Row 1 Home Y = ---Row 2 Settings--- ... *Something  like i want for...
  4. NM Play

    Simple AutoSave / AutoLoad game

    Hi this request is for a Simple plugin like was in RPGM Ace an autosave the game in x time, hope is possible include when close the game it will autosave. And autoload the game when you open it. I think it will be 100% usefull for casual games for phone, is annoying if you forgot save the...
  5. NM Play

    How can i make this script call in mv ?

    Hi, How can i make this script call in mv: a = $game_Variables[1] $[3].move(origin, x, y, a, 100, opacity, blendmode, duration) I tried in mv: a = $gameVariables[1] $gameScreen.movePicture(3, origin, x, y, a, 100, opacity, blendmode, duration) edit: I solved in MV...
  6. NM Play

    Request: Simple Battle Enemy Animate

    • Description: Just a "simple" plugin for animate the enemy battlers like was in Ace, The format of the enemy sprites can be like the Mv sideview battlers or just how you want :P P.d: "I think the request no need more description"
  7. NM Play

    This template is hk?

    Hi just want ask if this one is a template of half kaizer: I saw it in this post: There is a female version or something? And maybe some one know if...
  8. NM Play

    Compatibility with Mog LMBS ?

    Hi, is there a way to make Luna Engine compatible with Moghunter LMBS ? link: I know you only support Luna Engine scripts, just wanna know if can be possible for a future xD

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