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  1. ShadowHawkDragon

    RMMV Within Shadow [IGMC 2017]

    In the distorted realms between life and death a cry is heard. The White Envoy embarks to quell the threat with nought but scythe and the usables found on her journey as lifeline. Face this simple yet enticing experience, master battle against the forces of shadow. Death is your companion, but...
  2. ShadowHawkDragon

    Shades of Battler, Animated (366), DragonBones (158)

    Welcome to Shades of Battler, brought to you by the Hawk of a Dragon who lurks in shadows. I am here to bring forth unique battlers of different shades, from funky mushroom warriors to ferocious beasts. If you like my work feel free to follow me on DeviantArt. Latest Battlers To view the latest...

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Hey everyone! No Studio Blue RPG Maker Critiques Stream today! But you can always check the playlist for old streams you've missed!

I ran out of paper sheets to draw, so I guess I'm forced to do digital for a while now...

Still haven0t found a colouring style that I like :kaoswt:

Mapping is becoming so much easier!
FirestormNeos wrote on Neikoku's profile.
the cat in your profile picture is adorable
Are the default-size "chibi" sprites really a bad thing for a project? I'm not planning to sell my game anyway but I was wondering if they were as hated as some videos seem to claim...

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