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  1. Jxkl5

    Map Generation

    Hi, How would I make a game where a random dungeon is generated after the player does something (such as touch an object)?  The new levels would all have to have specific game play objects ranging from gold to enemies, but placed in random locations. Is this even possible? I was thinking of...
  2. Jxkl5

    Dungon Generate for Rouge like game

    Hi, I am trying to make a Rouge like game, and I was wondering if there was a way to generate a new random dungeon (with random mobs, loot, events, ect). I am trying to make the game as original as possible with original music, graphics, ect... (Problem: I don't know how to script...) Anyway...
  3. Jxkl5

    HELP: Tile not placing

    Hi, I'm trying to make a rouge like game. I was goining for original tiles. I started and wanted to test the floor so I did this... But for some reason, when I try to place it, it does not appear on the map... why?
  4. Jxkl5


    I haven't introduced my self yet... soo. HI! I've been making 1/2 of many games (untill I lose intrest or get too busy) for a while now. I like making music, and I wish I knew how to draw and script. (Know any free tutors?)
  5. Jxkl5

    That Empty Feeling After Finishing a Series

    Have you ever had that empty feeling after finishing a series of any kind? Usually it happens with movies and tv shows, but once in a while it occures from a book... The Book of Three series, for exmple, could have gone on forever.  After finishing that series, I wlaked around silent... alone...
  6. Jxkl5

    What Program should I use?

    I want to make my own graphics, such as charecters and tilesets. What program should I use?
  7. Jxkl5

    Company Logo

    If anyone is interested, I'm looking for a company logo... The company name is: The Anime Pixel Just go wild! A banner woulb be nice too...
  8. Jxkl5

    Background story Rephrase

    Hi, Can you make tis sound better? Its the background story at the begining of the game.
  9. Jxkl5

    How do you stop the player from moving?

    I'm trying to make a cut sceen where the player is sleeping then woken up. But every time, the player can move during the script. I would upload the event, but I don't know how to. Also, one of my Guards won't move... I have him set up exactly the same as another moving charecter, and I...
  10. Jxkl5

    Falco Pearl ABS Liquid v2 Help with GUI during Cutscenes

    At the begining of my game, I have a scrolling text background story. But with ABS Liquid, there is the invintory slots and health in the way. Is there any way to get rid of them during cutscenes?

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