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  1. Character Generator Enemies

    I have used the character generator to create a playable character. However, initially, the player must fight this character before he joins the party. The problem is, I don't know how to make that character's image come up as an enemy in the enemy database. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Legal Use of Music

    I am developing a game I don't intend to sell or profit from. I have legally purchased music, mostly soundtracks from other games. Can I use legally purchased music in my games if I don't profit from it in my game?
  3. Death Attack

    Ok I am making a skill where my character kills the enemy in one hit, regardless of HP. So I made a skill that is linked (or uses) the default death state. That killed the enemy, but at first it gave a message saying it had no effect on the enemy. The enemy did not have resistance to death...
  4. Character Event Choice Loop

    I am new to the RPG Maker, and I am trying to do something that is probably simple for many of you. I would appreciate any suggetions/help I could get on this issue. It's hard to explain in words without seeing it, but the sequence is as follows: 1) Main Character is transported to an NPCs...

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