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  1. _Shadow_

    POP! Onryo - kuntinilanak Sprite Poses pointing and crawling.

    Some time ago I asked for a specific sprite that was made and I was very delighted: Now based on that sprite sheet in POP! style, I need some more poses. Up, Down, Left, Right...
  2. _Shadow_


    So, by learning a lot from this community, I think it is time to make a new and better tutorial on how to use RPG Maker. MZ will have new and neat stuff, it will have some differences and it will be a cool thing to use. So since I am gonna make the third part of the series EVENTS (yeee...
  3. _Shadow_

    POP School

    Resource Type: Tileset add-on Maker Format: MV Art Style: POP Description: So we might have almost whatever we need to make school rooms for POP style. A few things are missing though. Green big chalkboard, blank and one variation with writings with chalk on various colors so we can edit...
  4. _Shadow_

    Double Dimension arrays.

    I found a solution on one of my major issues I had, while I was thinking of implementing an idea into an actual game. Here goes the solution on the thread I opened for your reference...
  5. _Shadow_

    Javascript: I want to turn a csv into an array and play with it.

    This is kinda noobish question really. Imagine we got a file at the same folder with the game. Let's say we got a CSV file named ab.csv with a line on it being: STR STR STR STR STR INT INT INT text1, text2, text3, text4, text5, 9, 4, 1 Now imagine 500 lines like that. I want to...
  6. _Shadow_

    COVID-19 a.k.a. coronavirus, let's talk about it.

    COVID-19 makes people anxious. If you use shades of red to represent the spread of the virus the World Map will turn into a map of an earth on measles. There are some facts. The weak people (sick, old people, people with low immune system or diseases that weaken them) suffer more and the virus...
  7. _Shadow_

    Fade in Fade out picture.

    [NO need for plugin] ◆Move Picture:#1, Center (408,312), (100%,100%), 255, Normal, 30 frames (Wait) Show picture with opacity 0 Move picture at the same spot and opacity to 255 and give it as many frames as you want the fadein to last. Thanks @caethyril for the answer. How about a plugin...
  8. _Shadow_

    Text file strings to array

    Hello again community. It happens that I want a plugin to be able to do two things (same plugin can do both). 1] Take text from file and add it on Array Variable of our choice. Then call it like \v[1][2] (third entry on variable 1) 2] ... if we leave a containing method intact. Otherwise...
  9. _Shadow_

    I need the community's opinion on something.

    I plan to make a tutorial that will distill all the knowledge gathered around our forum members, on copyright issues, intellectual property issues, what you should do, what you are allowed to do, what you should not do and stuff like that, with a lot of details, so people can be educated on that...
  10. _Shadow_

    POP! Onryo - kuntinilanak Sprite and Faceset

    Who bought POP! Horror City or Slasher Forest of @Vexed and didn't loved it? Yet there is something missing for my game. So I am here to ask for artwork, that can be used in commercial games. Attribution for the art will be given even if not demanded from the creator. Approach: From scratch...
  11. _Shadow_

    How to set a pixie filter and blend it with the screen using a plugin?

    So, to start simple, I want to make a plugin that targets the whole game screen and blends a pixie filter with it. Pixie filter code can be found here: FYR: Please show me how things glue together, so I can build upon it. :)
  12. _Shadow_

    April Fool's and companies fooling their customers.

    A thread to share the most hilarious jokes of companies to their customers, so we won't lose any ever.
  13. _Shadow_

    Chrome and MV

    It all started from this thread and @mlogan's response. You see... when running this guy's project on Chrome, the error: Failed to load: data/Actors.json occured. And...
  14. _Shadow_


    It has come to my attention, that the Scandinavian Mythology, you know, the one where you hear words as Thor, Odin, Loki, Hel, Asgard, Ragnarok etc etc, has really nice stories to tell and it has nice similarities with Greek Mythology. Studying deeply the Greek Mythology, I start to see...
  15. _Shadow_

    $game actors is not defined. Why?

    First off a few details so everyone can understand what I want to make and why. The game contains two possible Actors. The game also contains two possible Classes. Actor 1 is Class 1 and Actor 2 is Class 2. This is RPG Maker basics, but I needed to state how things are set up, so you would...
  16. _Shadow_

    [IGMC2018] What about profanity?

    So I was wondering. Since winning games will be actually be published by Degica, what does this company think of profanity? I mean, okay, the 18+ rule is too abstract to cover this, so I was wondering: Are words like "@ssh0le" allowed? Can the developer create a racist character that gets...
  17. _Shadow_

    Nightmare to figure our date. Bugs or a features?

    So I just answered to a member of the forum, on a nice question. "Hey I want the game to know the real date, cause I can do cool things with that, like a Christmas event if it's Christmas in real life". How could I resist to such a clever idea. Searched for a plugin, found nothing. Go 0figure...
  18. _Shadow_

    Events MV: Full Tutorial Game for RPG Maker MV

    It is here, it's free and it is ready. It is tested and it works, rock steady. Not so many typos anymore, thanks to the community. Events MV is a full tutorial on RPG Maker MV, that contains: A tour to the interface A tour to all Event Commands A tour to the Database A tutorial on parallax...
  19. _Shadow_

    Game.exe Rename. Is is ok?

    So the game shall run on Windows by double clicking Game.exe and I wonder if we got the right to rename it to MyGameTitle.exe I am not sure if that is against the EULA or permitted, so why not asking before doing something stupid, right?
  20. _Shadow_

    RMMV [One Map Game Challenge 2018 Entry]"My Friends"

    MY FRIENDS SYNOPSIS Game execution Issues? Try Firefox! This tiny game is something like a tiny interactive horror story. We meet Ryan who stayed home all day and we learn why. IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK Link updated: SOME...

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