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  1. GrandmaDeb

    Does Forum search make sense to anyone else?

    Is there a secret I missed while I was elsewhere? I can never figure out this forum search anymore.
  2. GrandmaDeb

    Adding Google ads to a Blog - Reasonable?

    As some of you know, I have spent a reasonable amount of effort (and a bit of expense) cataloging and hosting RPG Maker materials. My photobucket account is a google search fav sometimes, and I have paid yearly for the bandwidth to keep useful threads with high-volume views visible and useful...
  3. GrandmaDeb

    VX/Ace Sprite Add-on - Eyepatch Adult & Kid

    I am looking for an eyepatch to suit the Ace rtp sprites for adults and kids for an eye patch over the right eye. Here is a faceset and adult sprite to use as a reference I am not requesting a faceset patch though!) Entire sprites are great also...
  4. GrandmaDeb

    Screenshot Taker by Jet and Zeus81

    Screenshot Taker by Jet & Zeus81 Introduction Jet’s screenshot saver, up from the ashes Features - Push-of-a-button screenshot taking - Displays how long it took to take the screenshot - Can save as .png OR .bmp - .bmp files are instant, .png are smaller but a little slower. - And...
  5. GrandmaDeb

    Make player fly with Items and Common Events

    One of my students is interested in having their player be able to fly around on the map as a reward for winning a battle. Can I simply set up two items - one which sets the player to move route through in a common event and another which sets him back on regular movement? Does this work? Seems...
  6. GrandmaDeb

    seeking Cloud Auto-tile

    @Liberty has an autotile, but it has clouds along the edges. I need clouds as a path or a walking surface. I may be using it as partially transparent, depending on how things look. I think there was an old Aveyond set, but cannot find anything. this kind of thing: (from XP heaven realm...
  7. GrandmaDeb

    Eventer's Toolbox for Ace?

    I checked the WIKI under Creator's Tools looking for an Ace version of the old Eventer's Toolbox script, which returned x and y coordinates for players and events, as well as some true false values, I thought, for simple questions like if you gave mapp coordinate x,y and an event number, it...
  8. GrandmaDeb

    What is the best future strategy for image hosting?

    I am considering just getting server space and hosting stuff myself. I dunno. The idea of redoing years (and years) of links is daunting, but my host, (**spit, spit, cough, cough**) Photobucket, does not seem to be the wave of the future. But that is just one of several widespread image hosts...
  9. GrandmaDeb

    Multiple Questions about Ace to MV conversions

    Hope this goes here. =] So Ace is in legacy mode. No more updates and such. Is it really having problems? Is there a thread on this? Is t just a matter of backing up, or id there a special need? No news on the Next Big Thing to replace MV afaik. You can drop me a hint any time. =] So I am in...
  10. GrandmaDeb

    Trying to Get All My MV Stuff

    I Read the FAQs, Scanned the tut pages, searched, etc. Here is where I am: Is this download a real thing? I cannot find a live link. _____________________________________from FAQ_____________________________________________...
  11. GrandmaDeb

    VX/Ace Boss/Monster Sprite List

    Saw a request somewhere, and well, honestly, I'm rusty. There is a HUGE scary monster by Batch,with oversized forearms at the bottom of this post Avery Big Boss Ace Monster 1 4-direction Sprites Chocolate Mint Tree Monster2-1 Skeleton Boss deeb's zelda goron (4-dir), werewolf with poses(4-dir)...
  12. GrandmaDeb

    Passage Info for Celianna's and Mack's free Ace Tiles

    Do you use Celianna's popular/famous VX/Ace tileset? By any chance have you set up all of the passibility/terrain, etc. for it? Perhaps you have heard of Shaz' script, Lazy Tilesets...
  13. GrandmaDeb

    Is there a check-off lists of materials?

    I own (and re-own, lol) so many materials. I would like to know if there is a document, pdf, google doc, etc. I can use to keep track of which store products I have and how/when I purchased them. If I weren't the Earth's slowest typist I'd make it myself. Even if you had a text file of all of...
  14. GrandmaDeb

    Making the jump to Educational Use for RPGMakerVXAce

    Our school, as so many schools are, is big on increasing STEM subjects, and looking for what is called #futureready learning and for great buzzword-worthy ways to get there. I am poking a little educational-speak-ese fun, but it is real and it is important. Schools aim to get students ready for...
  15. GrandmaDeb

    Store seems messed up I wanted to check for the price here on the site for some goodies ai was hoping to snag this weekend, but I don't see ANY resources. PLus you have three different versions of MV posted - maybe change them all to the...
  16. GrandmaDeb

    How do I pursue an educational purchase?

    Our school intends to maintain RPG Maker VX/Ace as a continuing part of our STEM program.  We would need to be able to use it without Steam installed. Obviously the Humble Bundle makes that option attractive, but it would be crazy tryng to keep everyone off Steam in the lab. =] I checked...
  17. GrandmaDeb

    Only 8 days left!!! I miss you guys.

    So I am almost finished with my classes. Next Friday I am having a serious party! =D Be back very soon. If you have resources that never made it into my resource list at all, you can PM me a link to your resources and the most important type of resources (facesets, tiles, etc.) And I...
  18. GrandmaDeb

    What would the Ultimate Game Planning Document Contain?

    I wrote a very, very simple document to help my kiddos get started in making a first game: What would you put in your game design document for your best, big game? How would you organize it? =]
  19. GrandmaDeb

    Sprites not updating.

    First of all, I have not added any fixes. I am using my original upload. So I am working on this WIP rooftop animated tile RTP edit with smoke. And I am using a move route to animate it in the custom move route section. When I am editing I save my new files in the game folder and test...
  20. GrandmaDeb

    Quest System on Main Menu

    What is the best way to implement a very simple quest system, but have it appear in the regular Escape menu? I am thinking of a system which allows icons to represent various quests, and to have two location/columns - for "assigned" quests not completed, and completed quests. I'd like for...

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