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  1. slaQ

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    Such a huge collection of animals! All in one package! Amazing work! :D  
  2. slaQ

    Kaus Ultimate Overlay v1.11 NEW: Added Sprite Fixes Snippet Plugin

    Anyone know if it's possible to make events go OVER the parallax layer? I'm having some birds fly, but I don't want them to go under trees and such.
  3. slaQ

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Dear Yanfly, While using "\msgevent" could you make it so, that the window scales to the text(& face gfx)? Or make it optional? Would be very very much appreciated!! Thanks for your great work!
  4. slaQ

    slaQ's Original composed pieces of music.

    It's recorded directly through the PodXT. So no mic, well virtual mic settings in guitar rig.
  5. slaQ

    Most Important/Crucial Factor in RPG Making

    As right as that is, it's kind of an empty thing to say in this topic. Cuz what we're really doing is try to find out which of the elements that make up a game is most important for generating fun.
  6. slaQ

    The Resource WIP Thread

    @Lunarea In graphics I don't really think there's any right or wrong way of doing something. In the end all that matters is the result. Wether it was achieved using burn/dodge tool or by coloring it by hand or using layer effects, doesn't really matter. In fact the way I work, is if I can...
  7. slaQ

    slaQ's Original composed pieces of music.

    Fortunately I was not alive during the 70's, however I looked it up, and I see how it would fit in there. Not sure how the matrix would fit in tho, I assume you do not mean bullettime, but rather alternate realities/universes. I'm interested to hear some more about it, but better to continue...
  8. slaQ

    slaQ's Original composed pieces of music.

    @Genii Solaris meets Alien, but without the Aliens, or what I THOUGHT the movie pandorum was gonna be, but it soon turned out it wasn't. Which sucked ass. Well that's what you're describing sounds like to me at least :D Am I anywhere close? :P PS: Benedict was a really cool badguy xD
  9. slaQ

    slaQ's Original composed pieces of music.

    Yeah I know what you mean. I recorded the guitar at way too low volume, so I had to compensate with the compression and equalizer. I'm mastering it on kind of normal 5.1 pc speakers (logitech z5500), so the result will vary somewhat based on what speakers you're using. Next time It'll be better...
  10. slaQ

    slaQ's Original composed pieces of music.

    Hello everyone, Since I bought myself a full range 88 key midi controller yesterday, I will be making some more serious musical pieces from now on, and posting them in this topic. Here's a first (be it short) song I created today...
  11. slaQ

    Some Rocking Music for Non Commercial Use

    I really like the compositions of these songs. But it's such an enormous shame that the sound quality is sooooooo bad! Was this made using a tracker by any chance? Tell your brother to get (a) better vst/sound library('s) and if necessary also a better editing program, cuz his composing skills...
  12. slaQ

    royalty free battle theme

    Hey, nice song you made there :) I just thought it sounded almost more like a pop song than a battle theme xD Add some Justin Bieber voicing, throw in a few rap lines by a random upcoming featured artist... :P
  13. slaQ

    Icy's Music Packs

    Hey just checked out your battle themes. Personally I believe battle themes are hardest to make, and I think you did a very good job! However I'm not a fan of the synth sound you used for the main melody parts. Also none of the themes really stand out, every game needs an outstanding general...
  14. slaQ

    Acezon's Portfolio

    Nice job! Aside from the cilinder being in the sphere, you can also see the corners on the glass sphere if you look closer. Maybe use more subsections in the future, at least when you render!
  15. slaQ

    The Resource WIP Thread

    Hi everyone, up till now I've only shown my graphics on this forum, so I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the music I'm working on. Battle theme: battle theme1.mp3 I'm well aware that the break beats are not in proportion to the rest of the music, and they have too much treble...
  16. slaQ

    Luchi's art corner

    [/SPOILER] You know what, I actually like the first one of these two better than the second one.
  17. slaQ

    Moving Ferries

    Seems obvious, but still a nifty way of using parallax!
  18. slaQ

    Easy/fast way of finding the index for an icon.

    Okay now I really feel stupid xD I haven't been rpgmaking for a long time tho... Please close this thread to save me from more embarrassment :$
  19. slaQ

    Easy/fast way of finding the index for an icon.

    Hello everyone, I'm using a rather huge iconset at the moment, and instead of counting every time, I was wondering if there;s a better or easier way to find out what the index/number is of a certain icon. I've tried searching the forums and google, but I couldn't really find anything. Maybe...
  20. slaQ

    Most Important/Crucial Factor in RPG Making

    It speaks for itself that all elements are really important. But the question was, what's MOST important. And that is in most cases, gameplay.

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