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  1. Annwfn

    Make Event transparent halfway?

    Here is a more detailed approach, especially for players who are new and STILL looking for a way to figure this out (a.k.a. need more details) 1. if you want to use Scripts but don't know how, you can use this one: $gameMap.event(id).setTransparent(true/false); * with this script you have to...
  2. Annwfn

    Let's Make a Scene Contest: ♡Heart Edition♡ Submission Thread!

    Hello there folks <3 Told ya you gonna hear from me again! Am here with my own love event, however, it's presented in my own style. Nothing too direct, using some quarkiness, as well as philosophy. I am sorry for the length of the event, stood so long to arrange all the details and parallel...
  3. Annwfn

    Original Character Contest 3 MV VOTING! VOTE NOW! (ENDS JAN 19th!)

    Congratulations to the winners <3 Have an awesome new year, and happy RPG Makin'! <3 This won't be the last time people will hear of my creations ^^ Hugs, and stay awesome! >:D<
  4. Annwfn

    Original Character Contest 3 MV Submissions!

    <Entry Template> "Character may occasionally call herself "Entity"." .socialNominalIdentifier (basically name): Miyumi Kurokami .background: <> in a temporally distorted parallel existence, her father, through trials, extended warfare and many a victorious campaigns earned a title of Admiral...
  5. Annwfn

    RMMV Script to execute common event with timing-based intervals

    Okay, I don't fully understand what you mean, but I can help with some ideas! What you want is a Parallel Event (preferably Common Event for a bit more optimisation) that will handle the coordonate checking. Don't use global variables for coordonates, use: 1. $gameMap.event(id).x and...
  6. Annwfn

    Hello folks: quick brainstorm request!

    Solved the issue!! After 3 days of constant failures and awkward testings, adding switches, removing some, adding extra pages, removing them... It seems the command "MOVE TO: PLAYER" is bugged or I don't know what to expect of it when it's bound by a "Wait" command. It ended up as the only...
  7. Annwfn

    Hello folks: quick brainstorm request!

    Hello, I know of this feature, the movement routes are correct! For some reason it doesn't want to load a picture, it is nothing important, just the start of another conditional, for the case route choice is 2. Location coordonates are same as 1's, if that is of any importance. <> First 5...
  8. Annwfn

    Hello folks: quick brainstorm request!

    Hello everyone, am again encountering an issue with "stance switching" through events. Am really looking to understand how or what can actually delay the continuation of an event while it already triggered, preventing it from moving further... Situation: <> there are 4 AI patrolling an area...
  9. Annwfn

    Force Stop Player/ Event Movement?

    O.O It was THAT simple? o_O Dafuk... Yes, I know it sounds complicated, one of my downfalls is I can't create simple things XD Really! Now... there are several command issues given with a few other commands in between at times. I will try add an empty move command to the event that closes the...
  10. Annwfn

    Force Stop Player/ Event Movement?

    Hello everyone, I would need an answer to a solution I don't seem to be able to fix. I would require a script or something that stops and cancels any movement the player or an event would still have to do when their controlling event is closed, instead of still staying stuck to following all of...
  11. Annwfn

    Hello RPGmakers gang!

    Nice to meet you, been working on my MV project for over 1 year, and slowly expanding it into what I want it to be known as "The most intricate RPG Maker game" :) Feel free to ask me things and I'll answer if I know. Cause I'm not all knowledgeable, especially of the coding part, which I am...
  12. Annwfn

    How do I change, format, and implement window skins?

    Hello, I for one was also wondering. There is a lil' software, guess it's on sale now on Steam due to Gold Week sales. It's called Window Builder and it does just that: allows you to create some custom windows, based on the frames it has. How you load those into the game, well... That's where I...
  13. Annwfn

    A1 tileset 3 frames limit break. Custom A1 animated tiles [v1.0.0]

    Hello, before I dive into using your plugin, which sounds tempting, it only is for tiles within the A1 tileset (according to the title, so sorry if I ask a stupid question XD). Am looking for something that would allow me to glue animations to the map. Animations that I drew in Sakan for example...
  14. Annwfn

    Is there a way that can use animated tiles which have more than 3 frames?

    Hello, what do you mean events cause lag through constant change through pages? Might take some resources, yes, but I haven't experienced lag with this. And I actually use a LOT of events that represent animations. My main University map is 256 x 256 and has around 300 events that shift in...
  15. Annwfn

    Skills needed for a card game plugin. Please help with tips!

    Hello, and thank you again ^^ Hugs >:D< Thank you for the kind help! Thank you for the info, I knew about F9 and F12, I keep using them to see if certain event parts work! I have the link towards that Script Call site, I also keep it up ^^ but some descriptions would need some extra...
  16. Annwfn

    Skills needed for a card game plugin. Please help with tips!

    Thanks, am starting to realise the complexity of all this. However, the AI will be the greatest challenge for one of the decks whose play-style is "If played correctly, it cannot lose." Full of synergies. Cards that call one-another. Effects I have them all, or mostly, I can come up with them on...
  17. Annwfn

    Skills needed for a card game plugin. Please help with tips!

    Hello again! Played through your lil' card game project! I liked the animations but it's not what I'd go for. Though, the idea of drag-and-droppin' your own card from the side "deck" is actually very interesting. My idea would have pre-built decks for the player, since I don't like the idea of...
  18. Annwfn

    Hello folks! How to proceed best with releasing a demo of my game?

    Hello, you wonderful soul! Yes, update the older demo version with a new one on that platform. Most likely through patches, as you mentioned! And yes, I would like to find some ideas on how to keep the game updated (technical issues, not the creation of the demo - in part it's done). Also, I...
  19. Annwfn

    Skills needed for a card game plugin. Please help with tips!

    Well, would like to try this as a project for the Java course I am in (intricate course, will do some JS through it as well as HTML and CSS throughout it) ad the course ends on end of May, when my project has to be completed. Am interested in having at least a skeletal part for it, mainly to...
  20. Annwfn

    Hello folks! How to proceed best with releasing a demo of my game?

    Hello, thank you for your kind answer! Reason why I am formal is mainly because... that's me :D Now, point is this: I am interested in the legal part of the demo, not how to act with it. <> I have several events to show the player, since it's gonna be a Visual Novel, so it mostly will be...

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