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  1. saving to external storage for android deployment?

    Hello, I am curious to see if anyone has interest in making plugins (or maybe RMMV officially puts out an update) to allow storage of savefiles on external storage. I believe save files are stored in internal storage currently for android apks. It is good in a way that the player cannot edit...
  2. where is the save file folder on android device?

    I have been trying different builds and would really like to backup game save files on android device. (or be able to copy from pc) However I don't seem to be able to find where they are on android devices. I tried to use file manager app searching my app name, only found empty folders. Also...
  3. Type error for android deployment in RMMV 1.5.0

    I tried to update the core scripts to rmmv 1.5.0 including the new gamefont.css and index.html I can run the game without issue with the exe on PC But if I deploy to android and test on my tablet or in IntelXDK, I get type error upon game start. The error seems to be pointing to the font loading...
  4. lagging for Enigma Virtual Box packed project when checking save files

    I created a folder www/save to put all the save files, while packing all the other files into the exe. But I do notice that checking save files is making the game to lag (fps drops below ~10). I am using 100 save files, reducing the # makes the lag less severe. Not sure if other people...
  5. how to wait for anmination in Yanfly Buff&States custom script

    I'm trying to make an effect similar to the phoenix ring: <Custom Apply Effect> if (target.isActor()) { var ring = $dataArmors[1541]; if (target.hasArmor(ring)) { target.discardEquip(ring); target.startAnimation(42); var hp...
  6. customize item SE in menu

    is there a plugin that can be used to customize SE for each item (like using a note tag)? In RMXP there used to be an entry in the database to set SE for each item when used in menu. But I cannot find anything like that in RMMV. The sound setting in the system tab sets the SE to be the...
  7. restriction of sprite coordinates in animation editor

    It looks like when editing animation, each cell can only go between x -408~+408 and y -312~+312 It is definitely an issue for games with larger resolution. For example in the screenshot, I have a tall animation, and I cannot move the top cell any further up because of the screen size...
  8. Yanfly buff&states core identify type of damage

    I am trying to do the healing link as shown in this youtube <Custom Respond Effect> if (value<0){ if ($gameParty._battleMembers.contains(1)) { if (${ if (paramId == 0){ //hoping to find if it is HP heal $
  9. Patch for analog move plugin for parallax map

    I have been trying to use the awesome analog move plugin from Sanshiro It gives very smooth gameplay, in particular for mouse control. However, I have noticed that there is a serious issue if you use parallax map (that is, when you use a parallax map with "!" as prefix in the file name...
  10. can't change hue for anmiation with custom image

    I'm trying to change the hue for animation image. In the "select an image" window I can see the hue changes as I move the slide bar as a "preview". But after I load the image the image in the pattern palette is still the original hue (0). The default animation images somehow works fine. I am...
  11. layer order of skill animation

    maybe I missed something but I noticed that when playing skill animation in SV battle, the animation is always above all battlers (which does not make much sense) for example: supposedly the fire should be behind the bottom enemy sprite, but is showing above everything. I heard there is no...
  12. conflict between SkipPartyCommand and Yanfly ATB/CTB

    I have been dedesigning the battle menu UI so I'd like to remove the partycommand window and put the escape command directly in the actorcommand window. I was able to do that with some amateur edits to the script. Luckily now there is a plugin for this...
  13. blt drawing image only working for some images?

    Hi I have been trying to customize my menus. I copied the existing functions in the js like this for battle menu. Basically I'm hoping to use images for ActorCommand window. I enlarged the window and I'm testing if I can load images in the window Window_Base.prototype.drawButton =...
  14. static images (no actor animation) for side view battle

    I have seen nice plugin making enemy animated or breathing It looks very neat, but I'm thinking of something opposite: to make actor battler images static instead of animated. This is somewhat like RMXP default battle...
  15. can't call exp in MenuStatus?

    I'm trying to draw an exp bar along side the HP/SP for actors in MenuStatus (first view in the menu). I created "Window_Base.prototype.drawActorEXP" and insert it into "Window_Base.prototype.drawActorSimpleStatus" It worked for skill menu and equip menu. But somehow when I tried to put it in...
  16. only supports PNG files?

    I tried to use some jpg files for title image and battle back image. It will show file not found for *.png It looks like the engine only takes PNG files? The issue is that if you don't use transparent images, PNG usually generate unnecessarily larger files than jpg.
  17. will there be a mobile export function in the future?

    just tried IG Maker and GG Maker. GG Maker supports android output but looks like more advanced, hope there will be more sample projects. I really like the action game sample project for IG. Everything appears to be quite modulated and that is exactly what I'm looking for. I have tried to make...
  18. Inuyasha ~TAMASHI~

    Inuyasha ~TAMASHI~ is an RPG Maker game based on the Japanese anime series: Inuyasha (creator: Rumiko Takahashi). It is dedicated for Inuyasha&Kikyo fans. The story stems from the original manga after Kikyo's death, but has its own storyline and endings that focus on Inuyasha's new voyage to...

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