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  1. Diarist

    VXACE Idle animations for enemy sprites?

    Hi there. I wanted to know if basic idle animations for enemies were a possibility in VXace, either with a script or what have you. Essentially, very short animated gif as the enemy sprite. I really do not want static images for the few encounters there will be. Would like to know if this is...
  2. Diarist

    Hey there. Was wondering if I could ask about getting a commission slot, and also if you had a...

    Hey there. Was wondering if I could ask about getting a commission slot, and also if you had a Discord or Steam that I could contact you on and discuss stuff! I think you might be the dudester I'm really lookin' for to get this project going.
  3. Diarist

    I need a spriter so bad right now lmao

    I need a spriter so bad right now lmao
  4. Diarist

    RMVXA Route 13 - A Unova Tale (Pokemon themed RPG)

    And forgive me for the double post but the character gallery's been updated yet again. I believe I've done pretty much everything for the first story arc.
  5. Diarist

    RMVXA Route 13 - A Unova Tale (Pokemon themed RPG)

    A big reason why I wanna stick with VXAce as well is cus of the massive library i'd imagine is available, yeah. For all I know stuff for MV that I want might not be made yet, plus I have some experience with the og VX, so familiar territory, kind of. Plus VXAce is done being supported as far as...
  6. Diarist

    How do you approach Game Progression?

    My first game was very linear. While there was an overworld at times, there weren't any side quests or anything fancy. I made sure every boss fight was doable without grinding enemies as well (save for one instance which I'll bring up). NPCs quite literally did nothing but throw out terrible one...
  7. Diarist

    Game without random encounters; alternate ways to make currency/exp?

    Unfortunately I'm planning to use VXAce, not MV. So this plugin won't be an option I'm afraid. Though I will look into the other 2 links, thank you. That said, yeah. Getting the fights right is gonna be a challenge. I don't want overleveling to be possible, but at the same time I want them to...
  8. Diarist

    How cringy was the dialogue in your old/first RPGs?

    *Snrrrk* I'll try and take some screenshots of really god awful lines later today then. Luckily each 'part' is only like an hour/2 hours long. N-no promises though Huff--
  9. Diarist


    I think in my old old game I pretty much used the same few generic townspeople sprites everywhere, but there also weren't too many towns or places with people either. There was a midgar-style big 'city' you spent some time in but all the maps were really small sections of it and mostly...
  10. Diarist

    RMVXA Route 13 - A Unova Tale (Pokemon themed RPG)

    I hate to double post but I wanted some people's thoughts: Given what I'm going for regarding gameplay mechanics and features, does anyone believe I should be using MV over VXAce? Are better/more relevant plugins available for that platform?
  11. Diarist

    Game without random encounters; alternate ways to make currency/exp?

    Would very much like that, but I'm not aware of how to remove the level indicators or "Party earned X exp!" at the end of what fights there would be anyway. Otherwise yeah this could be an option outright. Though I do wonder if the alternatives would be more interesting.
  12. Diarist

    Making your world feel alive.

    Oh god. I'd always make it something stupid or horrible. And then giggle to myself as everyone repeated it or it showed up on the TV stations. Hell I still do this--
  13. Diarist

    Which Genre of Music Helps You During Development?

    I like to listen to the music I'd wanna use for what I'm working on, if that makes any sense? Small example: Like, when drawing a character, I have what I intend to be their boss theme playing in the background as I draw em. Helps me really get into it. I can listen to the same thing on repeat...
  14. Diarist

    Game without random encounters; alternate ways to make currency/exp?

    The game I'm making isn't gonna be very combat heavy, at all. The few fights that exist will be dedicated to boss battles (a few encounters with other stuff too but even then it's only like... 3, maybe?) which are intended to be very character driven anyway. As a result, the party leveling up...
  15. Diarist

    How cringy was the dialogue in your old/first RPGs?

    Oh gosh, I'm to embarrassed to even boot it up and take screenshots haha I tried REALLY hard to make stuff sound deep and cool and epic. It didn't work well, at all. Lmao. It's REALLY bad.
  16. Diarist

    What's everyone's work process like?

    I had this thought buzzing around in my head the other day and only just now got around to making a thread about it. Basically, if the title was worded awkwardly; what's your general order of operations? Do you start by making a world map? Do you make maps as the story progresses or do you plan...
  17. Diarist

    VXACE - Modern/Semi Futuristic City Tilesets?

    Oh wow that one is GORGEOUS. Almost perfect even, jesus <3 I'm definitely gonna consider this for sure. And keep looking. Thank you very much! And of course if you find anything else yourself or anyone else finds anything else please be sure to tell me!
  18. Diarist

    VXACE - Modern/Semi Futuristic City Tilesets?

    Resource Type: Tilesets Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP if possible. Description: So, for my game if I do wind up making it (thread here if you're interested/want more context), a majority of the story takes place in Castelia City from the Unova region. I'm not looking to create an...
  19. Diarist

    FFnumbered series love/hate relationship

    I grew up with the series starting with the SNES games. FF's a biiiiig part of my life, or was. I loved 1 through 10 a lot. I mean some were worse than others (8 with the junction system make me want to die), but regardless they all FELT like FF. 11 bothered me when it came out because I found...
  20. Diarist

    Your favorite (discontinued) game?

    Not sure if it counts but, my favourite MMO ever; Wildstar, got shut down in November this past year. Actually cried about it, I was very attached. I couldn't tell you a single thing about that game I didn't like. Even stuff like PVP which I normally hate, I found a lot of enjoyment in. Someone...

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