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  1. Ice & lava platforms?

    Does anyone know if there is already anything like a frozen ice platform that takes up 1 space for mv? And possibly something similar for like a cooled lava tile?
  2. Side view Battlers?

    So has anyone else noticed that nobody seems to be making any actual sideview battlers I mean there are plenty of enemies drawn looking sideways but none that are in the same format as the side view actors it's kinda disappointing :/
  3. Plugin Commands?

    So can anyone tell me why someone would want plugin commands over an actual script command? I mean I don't get why plugin commands are even a thing. They don't add anything special and they can't be used everywhere script calls can be. So what's the point with them anyways?
  4. JP Levels

    FoxJPLevels.js (v1.0.4)   About: This Plugin adds levels to the Yanfly's JobPoint System, like Final Fantasy Tactics had. It allows for restrictions on what skills your allowed to buy with the SkillLearnSystem based on the current classes' Job Level. It allows for restrictions on what class...
  5. Bug Found

    Ok so i found a bug,  Actor.maxLevel()That always returns 99, no matter what you change the setting to in the actors tab. Im not sure if this is where i should post this but i figured i would give it a shot.
  6. Console Plugin?

    There was a plugin that could open the console, and gave the options for the location of the window. I cant find the plugin again after my pc crashed, anyone know where the link is?
  7. FoxActionSkills v1.0

    Hey My First Plugin on the new RPG Maker. Lastest Update 11/28/15 (v1.1.1): Added 2 Parameters, these allow you to hide TP, or only show 1 gauge at a time. Previous Update 11/27/15 (v1.1.0): Updated Tag Configuration Now Requires MVCommons Last Update Date: 11/27/15 Description: A System a...
  8. Create a Game_Character?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what im doing wrong. I'm trying to create a new Game_Character object, and have it display. It doesn't give an error, so I figure i must be missing something. Here is what i have so far ActionSkill.TargetChar = new...

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