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  1. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Trying to Match battle backs to certain Areas

    Ok as the Title says, I am TRYING to make it so the Battle Backs for certain Fights Match the Areas they are in. For Instance, I have an Ice Cave. I want ALL random Battles and the Boss Battle in it to be the Ice Cave BG and Back. But When the Players are walking through a Forest Later on, I...
  2. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Trying to make a necklace of learning

    Ok So I want to make a wearable Item that allows the user to store and then use the attacks of defeated enemies against enemies. However, I want the skill to have a 10% chance to be learnd on most enemies. and I want the skills to stay With the Neckalace so when it's removed the skills go away...
  3. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Neew a little help on making Weapons and Armor

    So I found this amazing guide by a person named Garler. in it, under weapons and armor the guide creator says the following "Let's move on, first to weapons. If it is a one handed weapon, it should be half of the player's...
  4. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Making Characters say things when they Critical

    So I looked around for an answer to this and found not a whole lot. Maybe I was wording things wrong? Anyways, I want the Characters to say Lines when they Critical in Combat. Would one of the Yanfly Plugins do this or do I need to put some script under each Character? How would this be done...
  5. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Problem with Parallaxes

    So.... I have a Map that someone sent me that I want to use as a Parallax. I have resized it in GIMP to 250 (1200px) Tall by 233 (11172px) Wide. Originally it was 256 Tall (12288px) by 230 [229.875 rounded up] so (11034px) I exported it as a .PNG is it should be and it shows under file...
  6. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Map of the world... altered

    Resource Type: Map of the Earth Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I need a Map of the world that I can flood the ehck out of in RPGMaker MV to use as an altered future Map. If it's flooded already then even better. Relistic flooding, like if Antarctican totally melted due to some...
  7. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Massive Transition Lines for connecting world maps?

    So I am FINALLY starting to work on my world Map. The Limitation is 256 x 256. Id like 500 x 500. I know there needs to be a transition and I know I eventually want the Chaarcter's using boats and an airship or something. I know I cant do one Massive 500 x 500 map. From reading other threads...
  8. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Robot Sprites

    I am Looking for Robot Sprites based off, or Similar to the ones ins SciFi battler Pack 2. Has anyone created these or knows where I could find some? heck, I just need some for the occasional random map roaming Robot. Thank you folks! Sincerely Andreaus
  9. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Question about Battlers

    So I bought some great looking Battlers (Scifi set 1 and 2.) However, I was expecting the sprites along with them to actually show them moving around the map. Umm are there sprites for these somewhere?
  10. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Need Help with Show Choices

    ok I have been looking at Tutorials but have no found the solution to this situation. I have Show choices to create a dialogue. The player can ask questions and the old elf answers them. The problem is that after each question is asked it replays the whole event over again instead of just...
  11. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Editing Tiles from another version of RPG Maker

    So, lets say I have bought a set of tiles that closely matches what I need as a base for a project, but they are for say VXAce, and I want to edit and use them in MV. I am willing to put the work in and learn how to do that, but I want to know is it even possible to do so or am I wasting my time?
  12. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Is there a way to do Scripts inside Battles?

    So I ahve this player Character wearing a One use Item. Its a super defense and is there to block the bad guys 2K attack in the rare instance that the characters attack does not kill him in the scripted battle. Can that be done? Basically I want it to be IF attacked USE Item A IF Item A...
  13. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Question about Yanfly Weapon Animation Plugin

    So the Video does not go far enugh into detail when it talks about sheets So if I use Custom Sheets, how are they named inside the folder? For Example. lets say I have 1 Sword Sheet, 1 Gun Sheet, 1 Bow Sheet. Do I still name them Weapon Sheet 1, Weapon Sheet 2, and weapon Sheet 3? And then...
  14. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Looking for Specific Generator Parts

    So I Love the Humanoid Beasts generator add on for RPG Maker MV. However, I need to make two Specific Characters that I feel that add On can not represent very well. One... a Bear Person. The Ears are already in the Generator. Just need a Muzzle and Tail. and a Squirrel Person. Need Ears...
  15. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Looking for a Tileset

    Ok so I need a Tileset of a Specific type. I need Future, like 300 years in the Future style, but then add another couple hundred years after an apocalypse so that the buildings are super run down and a Fantasy setting has taken place now. Is there such a set or a Mix of Sets I could use to pull...
  16. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    How to turn Character Generator pics into GENE useable pics

    So I just got GENE. I really really REALLY want to use it, but I am unclear how to Make those nice torso and head pics for it to use. Does the Charcter Generator do that from my custom Characters? Do I need a Software extension? Also, is there a Tutorial for GENE? I see review vids, but no...
  17. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    HAve Characters Join a Party in a Scene.

    Ok so I have the Characters sitting on couches. then the big monster comes through the portal, and the characters scatter. One Chaarcter gets smacked around, they say they need to join up and I have it set up to do so. Heres my problem. Main Character started out on Space A, and in the course...
  18. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    My Requests for Assistance

    I will be asking ALL my future questions in this one thread instead of making a new thread each time I have an issue. This way I keep things clean for the admins. Also, IF you guys know of an advanced video that shows me how I would need to work this out, feel free to post it. I'd rather watch...
  19. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Not enough Body parts... or maybe I need a custom Character

    So the RPGMMV caharcter creator does not have enough body parts. IS there a Monster maker version of it somewhere? Im trying to make the Main Boss Baddie, and I want him to look memorable. So is there a creator for Monsters, or mnore parts I can Add in? Alternatively, Who can make a Custom...
  20. Andreaus-Whitefyre

    Have player pick class later

    Ok so I want the Characters to start out with no class, or a class that has no real skills. Later on after an Event, I want them to then pick the Classes for the Characters, or if thats too hard, just have the Classes assigned to the Characters. How would I go about doing this exactly?

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