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  1. woop

    RMMV Odicia - Pre-Alpha Demo

    SYNOPSIS Odicia follows the journey of a fire mage named Eyala Troy, as she and her comrades set out on a dangerous quest to bring an end to the Kingdom of Valhara’s corrupt crusade to cleanse the world of mysterious mystical beings known as Scions. Created by illustrators Oliver Hamlin (woop)...
  2. woop

    Share your favorite Hidden Gem Game OSTs

    What are some of your favorite games that have amazing sound tracks, but usually fly under the radar or you never see mentioned? I'm a sucker for any game that utilized the VRC6 chip for NES games (Castlevania 3 JP version is a great example, its my all time favorite NES OST). Here are a few...
  3. woop

    Art by woop

    Hey guys! I've been a long time lurker, but I'm looking to be more active on the forums, so I'd like to show you some of my art. I'm a freelance artist by trade and I like to use watercolors and ink. Here are some personal favorites I've made. Gift Slice Poisonous Spell Chicken...
  4. woop

    Hello there!

    Hey guys, longtime lurker here, looking to be more active on the forums and hoping to share my game soon!
  5. woop

    Question about storing X,Y of an event

    Is it possible to store an event’s x, y into variables from a specific map, without the player having to be in said map? Or maybe reference the event’s x,y directly from a specific map using a script call?
  6. woop

    Removing Font Outline

    I'm using a simple script (fontoutline.js by Zerbu) to remove the default outlining that appears on all text in the game. I've recently installed SRD's Battle Popup Customizer plugin, which uses the gamefont to show damage numbers and popup text (effective, resist etc.). My issue right now is...

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