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  1. Select a starting Actor similar to Pokémon

    In my project there is a monster selection at the start of the game like it is in Pokemon. The protagonist finds an egg and you as the player have to choose what will hatch out of it. So i basically need no actor (or a dummy) at the start of the game, then there will be a menu asking me what...
  2. RMMV EXP Formula (exp = 15*level^2) not working

    Hi there, I am making a custom exp Formula for my game using yanflies custom enemy paramters and level plugin. I want to implement the formula but when I test it with a level 5 enemy the enemy gives me 74 exp (instead of something over 140). Any ideas what could be wrong? The " ^ " doesn´t...
  3. RMMV Mr.Trivel Monster Book discover Enemy with DreamX capture Plugin

    Hi there, I am using Mr. Trivels Monsterbook, DreamX Capture Enemies and Yanflies Level Up Growth Effect Plugin. The following Problem is that if I capture a duplicate of a monster DreamX Plugin will create a new ID for the monster, the note tag effects are carried over though since it is a...
  4. Base the Element of the Skill on the Actor

    Hello, In my game the elements of all Skills used are always based on the actor who uses them. For example Skill X has a Fire element if used by actor 1 and a Water element if used by actor 2. I am using a lot of Yanflies Plugins. Any ideas on what I have to do to achieve this? The Actor trait...
  5. Enemy Repositioning with Enemies that Appear Halfway through.

    Hi, I am rebuilding an old mobile game in RM. In this game you fight in a 3v3 style. Once an Enemy gets defeated the next enemy in line thats waiting in the battle queue will join the battle. So far I managed to place the first 3 enemies correct in line using this Script Call...
  6. RMMV Have two fixed actors as overworld overworld sprites but have different for battles. (with CustomPartyLeader.js))

    I am making a monster tamer game similar to Pokemon and alike. In RPG Maker the overworld actors are always those who are in the current troop. But since my tamers aren´t actively participating in battle I need to do a work around. So far I´ve been working with Himes Custom Party Leader Plugin...
  7. What would this MV Battle System cost to be developed?

    I am currently remaking an old IPhone game gold Dragon Island Blue I have a community with 170+ members in it and some would be willing to fund a little bit for this project. Since i'm recreating a already existing game it´s easy for me to show you exactly the type of battle system I need. To...
  8. FREE MV Looking for Plugin Developer for my Remake Project of Dragon Island Blue

    What is the Project about? This Game is a RPG Maker Remake of Dragon Island Blue. Dragon Island Blue is an old IOS Mobile RPG from 2012. It was made by Zigzagames and had quite the success for it´s time. Unfortunately after 2013 the devs stopped supporting it and with IOS 11 onward it was no...
  9. RMMV Plugin that replaces actor upon death with the next in the queue.

    Hi there, I am working on a rework/rerelease of the old mobile game Dragon Island Blue. I´ve go a lot of people that want this game to be fully playable again without the needs of an old phone and an apple id that did download the game years ago. I´ve already set up a lot for the battle system...
  10. RMMV Fixed Enemy Troop Positioning for to adjust individually for each actor.

    Hi, I´m new to the RM Community. I´ve searched a lot through the internet and all plugins I could find changed the positioning ofthe whole troop at once or the positioning of an enemy but that caused problems when you have at least 2 of the same enemies at once. I want to make all troops look...
  11. RMMV YEP_LevelUpGrowthEffects Plugin: change whole actor upon reaching a certain level

    Hi, I´m knew to RPG Maker, I have the above mentioned Plugin and I saw that u can change classes upon reaching a certain level but I haven´t seen this with whole actors. My Question is does already a modified plugin of this evolving exist or can somebody modify it for me? I´m also using DreamX...

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