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  1. Perr_

    Manga, comics, webtoon

    I usually read 15 webtoons in a week.(Um, it's more than I thought haha) but still not in mind among webtoons. I have read The law of Ueki, Pandora Hearts, Full metal alchemist, Gintama, and D.Gray-man in interest. The law of Ueki is good in reading with light mind. Pandora hearts' art...
  2. Perr_

    Howdy! newbie here :D

    Hello, I'm from South Korea and have used RPG Maker series about 10 years. However, I have been mostly in Korea forum so I have not been here since 10 years. But after getting RMMV last year, there was few data about RMMV(like plugin, commission and so on). So I started to search them through...

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