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  1. RicoRob

    RMMV How to edit the 'ActorWindow' properties on the Skills Menu?

    I wanted to change its position a bit and so I went to rpg_windows, but there's a problem: the item and the skill menus use the same lines of code for the ActorWindow, so any changes made there affect both menus. Besides, changing the x values there don't work. I'm just trying to change the X...
  2. RicoRob

    RMMV SrDude's Shaking Text + Kino's Slow Text

    Plugins: There's a small compatibility issue. The Shake plugin ignores any speed setting from Slow Text (parameter and escape codes). The text is shown at the default engine speed. '\TS[n]' is from Slow Text and can be used to override the plugin's parameter (the greater the number, the...
  3. RicoRob

    RMMV DreamX's SideView Frames - Plugin notetags not working

    [Plugin Link] With this plugin it's possible to configure the loop of the actors sideview sprites. The sprite sequence can be configured to show "1-2-3-1-2-3..." instead of the default "1-2-3-2-1...". So each actor can have a different sequence. That can be achieved through notetags placed in...
  4. RicoRob

    RMMV Compatibility error between TDDP Bind Pictures and MOG Picture Effects

    With TDDP's plugin it is possible to show pictures below characters and events. MOG's plugin allows to show animated pictures. I'm trying to place an animated picture on the map, that will be shown below the characters, however, MOG's plugin throws an error whenever an animated picture is...
  5. RicoRob

    Animated faces on the Menus?

    Sorry if such plugin already exists, but no matter what I search for I can only find plugins/requests regarding the message window, and that's not what I'm looking for... What I'm looking for is exactly this: Animated faces on the menus, but for MV instead...
  6. RicoRob

    (Conditional Branch) check if an actor's HP is full (percentage)?

    - Example: - I know this code: $ = x however I can only replace the x with specific numbers, I want to check for percentages, but I have no idea how. Is there a way to use only script calls for this? Without storing numbers in variables, adding invisible states and the like?
  7. RicoRob

    Using the codes %1 and %2 in Show Text/message window?

    Is there a plugin that allows such thing? Is that even a possiblilty? Similiar to what the code \n[x] does.
  8. RicoRob

    How to add line breaks in Yanfly's Music Menu?

    (Plugin Link) The plugin utilizes the Help Window to show a description of the currently selected song. But it only shows text on the first line of the help window. I don't know how to write anything on the second line :( These are the only parameters available: filename; display name; volume...
  9. RicoRob

    How to change the X position of 'Window_BattleEnemy'?

    I'm trying to change the x position of the Enemy Window (where the player selects which enemy to attack), but no matter what number I add/subtract/replace the 'x' with, the window won't move. I can change the 'y', the height and the width without problems. The same thing happens in a new...
  10. RicoRob

    Compatibility issue between SRD's Shaking Text and VE SFont

    Issue: SRD's plugin doesn't display the bitmap font that is used by Victor's plugin; it uses the default ".ttf" font instead. Image: I know it's not simple like that, but... would it possible to modify SRD's plugin to display the bitmap font? I'd ask SRD directly, but apparently he...
  11. RicoRob

    Start game with selected Switches ON?

    (I'm sorry if such plugin already exists, I really couldn't find it. :frown:) Would it be possible to have a plugin that turns predetermined Switches ON as soon as the game starts/loads/during playtest? I know I can do that manually with an event, but what I mean is, turning a Switch ON...
  12. RicoRob

    SrDude's Battle Status Customizer: Actor window won't update.

    [The plugin link: SrDude's Battle Status Customizer.] If I remove one hero from the party in the middle of a battle, the Status window stop updating and stays on top of all the other windows. Screenshots: This is how it normally is (ignore the weird positioning), it should stay behind all...
  13. RicoRob

    How to add a space between icons (status icons)?

    If a character has 2 or more status problems the icons appear glued to each other: How do I add a space between each icon? Can it be edited in one of the main plugins? Please help, thanks!
  14. RicoRob

    Transfer the Skills menu to the Attack menu (battle)?

    I'm trying to make the Skill Selection open when the player select "Attack" in a battle. (Attachment) rpg_windows.js: If I change 'attack' to 'skill' in the plugin, the Skills menu opens but the skills don't appear. If I swap "item" and "guard" around they will work as intended (Item will...
  15. RicoRob

    [Sideview] Pause battler pose on specific frame?

    Is it possible to freeze the attack/use skill pose for a certain time? I have a sequence of animations and I wanted the actor to stay on that selected pose until the animations end, but he goes back to the idle pose before that...
  16. RicoRob

    How to add an indicator when a character is speaking?

    Like a small arrow above an event's head that can be set to show up via command or when the player is interacting with said event. I've found some scripts, but they add indicators that always show up :frown: Thanks in advance!
  17. RicoRob

    (Yanfly) How to put the Name Box behind the Message Window?

    Plugin: Yanfly's Message Core I've changed the position of the Name Box and now it is in front of the Message Window, but I wanted it to be the opposite... Any help is appreciated.
  18. RicoRob

    How to center the text in the description/help window?

    Without adding a thousand of spaces before the text :( Thanks in advance!
  19. RicoRob

    How to change the height of the Message Box?

    I can't find a way to do that... I have Yanfly's Message Core but it only let me change the width and rows of the text box. Thanks in advance.
  20. RicoRob

    Changed the font... Stuck on "Now Loading..."

    I'm trying to change the default font on MV, but the ones I choose don't work for some reason (e.g. PF Ronda Seven). The game gets stuck on a endless loading screen. On version 1.3.0 the console says: WebGL: INVALID_VALUE: bufferData: size == 0 On 1.4.0... The console says nothing. The game...

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