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  1. Muffle

    Anyone making tilesets?

    I have some tilesets I want transported from VX Ace style to MZ style, been able to find a few things I need with everyone working on new assets. I was wondering if anyone was specifically taking requests or commissions for making tiles?
  2. Muffle

    QTE Help!

    Wanting to make a quick time event! MC has to pull the rope to get the attic down, it's stuck so QTE happens. It's a tutorial QTE before an actual serious one happens. With this one I just want the conditions to be that the timer has run out and if X has been pressed you open it. If X has not...
  3. Muffle

    Lizard Sprite for VX Ace

    Says it all in the title, I need a lizard character sprite for my game. I found some but they're made for MV. All help is appreciated <3
  4. Muffle

    Gif Animation Player Script Trouble

    I can't figure out how to get this script to work exactly, was wondering if I could get some insight on it please. Original Page Link #=============================================================================== # GIF Animation Player v1.0 (RGSS3) # by ???nOBodY??? # Last Updated...
  5. Muffle

    Mack Tiles

    I wanted to ask if the Mack tilesets used below are available? I see a lot of maps using these but nowhere I can get them, so I'm wondering if it's unavailable or I'm just bad at searching. If they are available can anyone link me to the source so I can use and credit them properly?
  6. Muffle

    Simple Parallax Map Edit

    Resource Type: Map Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: I am not good at parallaxing maps, and I know it's possible to do this with regular tiles but the maps were already parallaxed by a friend and I figured it'd be easier to edit the parallax than going back, remaking the...
  7. Muffle

    Sprite Edit Stabbing Effect

    Resource Type: Sprite Edit Maker Format: VX Ace Sprites: Aaron Elise Elizabeth (blonde ponytail 2nd set) Misha Actor 1 (aka Eric) Description: A sprite editor that can animate a sprite stabbing someone and the sprite being stabbed. A good example of what I want is below...
  8. Muffle

    RMVXA The Hero of Legacy

    The Hero of Legacy Cast down evil with your hero's blade Can you save Pohono from the disasters that choose to destroy it? SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK SHADOW LOCATIONS Locations: [/spoiler] BOSS HINTS & TIPS The Hoard Bosses: The Mistress of Anarchy: [/SPOILER]...
  9. Muffle

    One Consumable Item Used Twice

    I have someone give my character soup and it has two helpings. I can't figure out how to do this or if it's even possible, I looked it up on google and nothing relevant to my question has popped up. I'm wondering if maybe it's not achievable, but it just seems like something that could be done...
  10. Muffle

    RMVXA Highschool Contracts

    Highschool Contracts Follow your highschool dreams to kill your deadbeat father. Accompanied by Death as your dormmate. I want to make a notice to those who are following this game and are still interested: The game download is broken because I removed it. It was very, very broken. So I am...
  11. Muffle

    Bugs That Prevent Me From Proceeding

    I'm stuck on my game with bugs needing fixing where my testers can't continue the game because an event goes wrong, was hoping I could get some help here after hours of not being able to fix it. I am very aware my eventing skills are very bad, please forgive dumb mistakes of mine. 1. When going...
  12. Muffle

    Change of Music in Transfer

    My rooms have auto change backgrounds, but sometimes events call for a change of bgm upon entering a room. But when your character enters the room, you can hear the bgm used for the room for a split few seconds before the bgm changes to the music I want for it. Fading out doesn't work and I've...
  13. Muffle

    Custom Titlescreen??

    I would like a script that lets me customize more options on my title screen. I'm the type of person that likes to be able to have an extra options showing small enjoyable things of the game without having to go through the entire game again. I want it to include being able to make these title...

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