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  1. Whiteemerald

    Modern Citizen Sprites

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find some modern character sprites from regular folks. I have all my main characters created but I wanted to have unique citizens in this horror game's town. Does anyone know where I can look?
  2. Whiteemerald

    Sprites Sizes

    So I recently developed some sprites for RPG Maker MV and for some reason it only picks out little parts of my sprite. Does anyone know how to select different sizes? (These sprites are the same size as the other characters but it doesn’t work. I also want to know because I am currently...
  3. Whiteemerald

    FREE Recruiting Team for Horror Mystery Project

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: The game is a horror mystery, so it doesn't have any fighting system. There are puzzles and different strategies for trying to survive different situations. The game also has a time system where different things will happen at different times of the night and...
  4. Whiteemerald

    Darkness Effect

    So just a quick question. Does anyone know how to possibly make a darkness effect in RPG Maker MV? Like so that the environment around the main character is unable to be seen unless they approach it, or to have another light source. I'm not sure if the tint tool does this or not.
  5. Whiteemerald


    So I have a really important question. I have been working on my game for a while and the main problem is, I don't have many resources to call my own. While I do have people helping me with soundtrack, I was wondering how to could get help with making an original tile set pack. Where would I go...
  6. Whiteemerald


    So I just got the RPG Maker MV trial version and wanted to understand it as best as I can so I can make the decision to buy it. As I understand it, RPG Maker VX Ace (the version I was using before) uses scripts, and RPG Maker MV uses pluggins. So I am a little curious, how do the pluggins work?
  7. Whiteemerald

    The Differences Between Programs

    I have been using RPG Maker VX Ace for many years but just recently I've been trying to finally put in work to finish my projects I started years prior. I've looked up tutorials and looked through forums in the past but I'm still not exactly sure on this. I've seen that there seem to be major...

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