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  1. Dr.Phil

    Although untitled as of yet, I'd say I'm 1/3 done with my Halloween game. Yay

    Although untitled as of yet, I'd say I'm 1/3 done with my Halloween game. Yay
  2. Dr.Phil

  3. Dr.Phil

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    I think I get the gist of it.. This is the palace. It was built on the top of the mountain, to supposedly give it a great view (you can kind of see this in the background, the shoddy "royal garden" and the sea). I did not understand this portion though: Mind outlining it for me? Thanks for the...
  4. Dr.Phil

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Minnow, great use of fog. It really sets the atmosphere. Everything from that, to the lighting, to the actual mapping is great. I, on the other hand, need help with mine: The palace:
  5. Dr.Phil

    Shadow opinions?

    I was play testing my map, and I realized that the shadow is.... wrong.   Here is the original auto-tile shadow: and here's an evented "above player" shadow: Is it just me, or does the shadow make more sense being over the player?  
  6. Dr.Phil

    Pixel Art Tileset

    Thanks SandFlyer. It's just too much for one person to make for no real reason when there are so many other great tiles out. Unless, someone wanted to collaborate and make free for commercial use tiles. But it's still a lot of work. And I'm not even a good pixel artist. 
  7. Dr.Phil

    Pixel Art Tileset

    A while ago I decided to make my tiles from scratch.. And I made these. But then I realized how daunting this task was, and I gave up. But I figured, maybe someone else can use these as a base, assuming they're going for a pixel art style. Choosing colors is not my forte, but I think the pixel...
  8. Dr.Phil

    What are you working on?

    I'm not a fan of the default character facesets, so 'm working on designing the character portraits in a different style... Though I'm not sure how they'll fit in with the menu, as I'm nowhere near starting that.
  9. Dr.Phil

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Good point. I'm working on the whole shadow thing. Anything else?
  10. Dr.Phil

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    The mapping is subpar, I know but, I'm mostly looking for feedback on the tiles. 
  11. Dr.Phil


    I've not seen this before. Very nicely done Oni. I'm very interested in architecture as well, but I'm editing tilesets in the Neo-Moorish style. Either way it's nice to see someone else geeking out over architectural elements.
  12. Dr.Phil

    I'm starting to think that I'm only editing tiles to keep from actually working on my project...

    I'm starting to think that I'm only editing tiles to keep from actually working on my project. WWDPD?
  13. Dr.Phil

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    Gorlami: It depends on what kinda feel you're going for. This one screams sci-fi to me. I like how the text sort of mirrors the outline of the character. I'm not sure whether that was intentional. Also, I feel like the font is too small--it makes it seem as if what the character is saying isn't...
  14. Dr.Phil

    Excel Game Balance Workbook- Data Sample

    This seems like a very useful way of keeping the game in balance. Thanks a bunch Kalithro
  15. Dr.Phil

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    I'm a little late but.... Grandma Deb. I work in a casino, so I feel qualified to critique your map.  1. There's no dealers for any of the games! What gives? 2. Why are there random tables with cheques on them? 3. Granted I don't live in the middle east, but why are there only 6 slot...
  16. Dr.Phil

    Architectural tilesets

    NPC: It's a title. Who cares.  ;) Updated. Also, revised as some of the walls were misaligned.
  17. Dr.Phil

    Why do bad things happen to good people?

    Why do bad things happen to good people?
  18. Dr.Phil

    Architectural tilesets

    Free to use; please credit Mack, First Seed Material, and Sourve.  These are architectural elements. Walls, and also stuff that goes on walls. Some is overlap so you can customize better without using events/scripts. Walls. Architectural elements. Here's a sample I probably should have...
  19. Dr.Phil

    Shift key bug. RPG maker community, you're my only hope

    AHHH! Okay. So, I actually fixed it now.  When Andar asked for screenshots of compatability settings, I went in and saw that there was none. I thought "What the hell, might as well try it," and lo and behold--this actually fixed it! I think it was the high DPI setting. Not that I know what...

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