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  1. Need Free Military Sprites

    I'm making a game after a long time based in the 1940s/50s/WW2, and need to find a place which has some free military-esque soldier and officer sprites with military uniform and the hat/helmets like the Nazis/Soviets. Things like tanks and trucks will also be appreciated. I'm always super...
  2. How do I make characters go under tiles

    How do I make characters go under the wall tiles? I've seen some other answers, but I still don't get it, is there a built in option to have characters go under walls?
  3. Good Battle Plugins for Boss Game?

    Hey, I'm making game about a guy who goes and fights bosses, kind of like Shadow of the Colossus. It's only going to have one character and I don't really want to fill it with skills, and since it only has one character and all enemies are bosses (no minions and such). I think the Battle System...
  4. All Files Got Corrupt

    Most of my JSON files got corrupt. I took out all the corrupted files and replaced them with fresh ones. But see, the corrupted files were things like Troops, Skills, Classes, Armors and Weapons. I still have them, is there a way I can fix them? Because if not, then I'll have to redo all the...
  5. Type Error

    Every time I use a Heal skill, this Type Error comes up. Failed to execute 'createLinearGradient' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': float parameter 3 is not finite. I have no plugins, how do I fix this? Along with that, the skill does not have any animation, and I can't even use it from the menu.
  6. My game slowed down

    So I was making my game and everything was fine, but then I added a city and now it's like at half speed. It's not laggy or anything, it's just slowed down. There are zero common events and zero parallel processes running. And like I said, it was running fine until I just added like 5 events...

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